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Happy MLK Day! Chaplain Grant Citizen of the Year; Eugene Delgaudio Proposes $100 Million in Reductions, Delgaudio in 39th March For Life on Jan. 23

January 16, 2012

Happy Martin Luther King Day.

Rev. Grant: Citizen of the Year

Standing approximately 5-feet-tall, yet toting a personality that can easily fill a room, Grant has been among the most influential men Loudoun County has seen in the last 40 years.


Thank you to those who responded in recent weeks and through December 31. My end of year report shows progress and I hope to set a date for our next event soon.

Board Votes To Reduce Spending In Budget-- For Now.

The board has met for its first meeting and voted to set a budget with a "zero to negative five per cent impact" for the administrator to present to the board later this year on Tuesday, Feb. 7 at 5 p.m. in the board room.

I told the board members that I will propose as in years before a variety of reductions totaling $100 million and the list of suggestions will be the same and supplemented:

Cut, reduce or otherwise add to our savings:

Tax Howard Hughes "Foundation" (assets:$10 BILLION) (your savings:$ 4 million)

Drug Court ($1 million savings)

Drunk Tank ($4 million savings)

Emergency Command Center (used 3 times) ($1 million savings)

Adult 4 H ("Master Gardner Program") ($400,000 savings)

Social Program For 16 Seniors Costing $96,000 Per Senior per year in Western Loudoun ($1.5 million savings)

One Day Closings of Senior, Library, Park Services a week ($2 million savings)

New Young Adult "Detention" Facilty (keep the old one) $5 million savings

DARE "drug advocacy" program in Middle Schools ($1 million savings)

School Resource Officers at Middle Schools ($2 million savings)

Extra Sheriff's Substation at Dulles Town Center ($600,000 savings)

Eliminate Departments of Animal Services, Public Information, Economic Development and Waste management. Outsource all these functions at 50 per cent of the cost. Savings: $4 million.

Privatize and outsoure Procurement and Transportation services ($1 million in savings).

Eliminate Membership In All Regional Organizations ($2 million)

Eliminate Extension Services ($500,000)

These above suggested savings are $30 million

Apply simiar savings to School Budget ($50 million in savings).

For a posting of Delgaudio statements and discussions on budget reductions

For Sample Motions and some details on the exact amount of money to reduce the $100 million

The board was told by your Sterling District representative that if they do not like

1. the administrators recommendations or

2. they do not like the 100 million dollars in Delgaudio reductions, then they can

3. come up with their own recommendations for reductions and I will support them for discussion.

and please let me add:

4. Do you, dear Sterling Americans and Loudoun citizens, have Suggestions for Reductions?

You have until February 7 to make known your suggestions for reductions. Write the entire board at or me as supervisor or simply -- for this newsletter-- hit reply.

Board Endorses Meals Tax for Loudoun County.

Loudoun County voters have turned down the meals tax 3 times. It is back.

The Board sadly, voted to endorse 5 to 4 the meals tax.

Delgaudio, Reid, Volpe and Buona voted no against the much hated Meals Tax.

Mark Herring the Democratic State Senator and former supervisor issued a statement saying that the Meals Tax would not pass the legislature and he was opposed to the meals tax.

Board Voted To Ignore Kelo Decision

Property rights have been under assault since the Supreme Court's infamous 2005 ruling Kelo v. New London. In Kelo, the Court held that a local government could use eminent domain to take private property from a homeowner and transfer it to a private company "for economic development" (key words). The Board voted 2 no (Volpe and Delgaudio) and 7 yes to protect Loudoun County against the dangerous Kelo Supreme Court ruling.


The Sunday Examiner ran an article on Congressman Frank Wolf that I thought you'd enjoy. Congressman Wolf was instrumental in passing legislation that specifically permitted schools to donate food to LINK and other food banks. I'll be meeting teachers at Armstrong Elementary School Wednesday morning to get the program rolling.


Rev. Grant: Citizen of the Year

Standing approximately 5-feet-tall, yet toting a personality that can easily fill a room, Grant has been among the most influential men Loudoun County has seen in the last 40 years.


The Loudoun Martin Luther King Celebration includes a symbolic march from the Old Loudoun Courthouse to the Douglass Community Center, formerly Douglass High School. The Loudoun MLK Celebration is one of the largest and oldest observances in the region. Noteworthy in Loudoun history, Douglass High School was until 1968 the last segregated black high school in the area. Many local school bands will be participating in the 2012 Martin Luther King celebration here in Loudoun County.

See news article.

39th Annual MARCH FOR LIFE

The 39th Annual March For Life will be held next Monday, January 23 at 12 noon in Washington, D.C. on the National Mall at 7th Street between Constitution and Independence. (west of 8th Street, near the Smithsonian Castle) There is a program at 12 noon which concludes at 1:30 p.m. and then a march to the U.S. Capitol and the U.S. Supreme Court along Constitution Avenue. Get a bus from a local church early Monday morning.

for more information

Video: Eugene Delgaudio Greets One Million Right To Life March

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