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Sterling Churches Packed and Lights All Aglow!

December 24, 2011

Santa Claus has left the Dulles Town Mall and his route around the world is being monitored by our NORAD space command.

Churches are packed tonight, and at midnight and in the morning too. Stores are closed for the most part (thank you).

Norad Tracks Santa

This a listing of Santa as he travels around the world-- he's working his way here to Sterling, Va.

Video's As He Reaches Each Town world wide

There's google, facebook and yes youtube videos

Best Christmas Lights Display On Youtube!

The best display ever with Amazing Grace as the backdrop to the lights

(thank you "Lovetsvle. Lady" for the link) please see link, bookmark it. Just posted, 3 million visits (one million in one day).

website one

Christmas Lights Gone Wild

Tremendous video, almost 10 million visits. Its a fast 3 minutes.

Over 2,000 Houses In Sterling with Christmas Lights

I went out with my son and counted Christmas displays again and 1,000 homes was the last count. It has doubled to over 2,137 houses. There are way more than double the number from last year. Thank you to all who make Sterling and Loudoun look great.

Take that nasty Humbugs!


On more than a dozen websites and major news websites in the Washington area, the Christmas lights displays on Juniper Avenue are rated as a top Loudoun County show of Christmas spirit. Please remember to donate to the food drive box when you go by.

Juniper Avenue is Number 15 on "Holly's Tacky List" website

(you can also visit the other top 46 postings with addresses in Fairfax. Juniper is one of several Loudoun county listings)

Visit Number 45 on the Holly's Tacky List at "902 N Sterling Blvd, Sterling"; Congratulations to all 2,137 of you who posted lights and thank you.


For your listening: downloads of contemporary and traditional Christmas songs (" free and legal")

>>>Christmas Freebies. Songs. Wallpaper. Games. All online.

>>> Christmas Games For Children

Santa Claus games. Includes a visit to his house and entire website is Santa theme.

>>>More Santa Games at the North Pole.
For Older Children, Santa Checkers, Crosswords and Concentration.

See Photo:Santa Claus Is Welcomed To Sterling by Sup. Delgaudio


( Video) Town Hall Meeting to the Tune of Eye of The Tiger

Aliens vs. Delgaudio episode 2 is the one with the music. Always good for the holidays.

There is a series of five videos "Aliens Vs. Delgaudio" with number five featuring 4 speakers (including Howard Manas "I am mad as H. and I am not going to take it anymore")broadcast on the news.

Delgaudio Video 2011 Pre-election Interview

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