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Look Up In the Sky....Its A Bird....Its a Plane....Its

October 11, 2011

Look up. In the sky.

Its a Bird.

Its a Plane.

Its Supervisor Delgaudio (his sign at least).

The latest in the "sign wars". A supporter places a sign on the roof.

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Yes, there is more than one house.

Please tell me if you want a sign on your yard or on your roof. Please tell me, if you can, any of your neighbors or friends who have agreed to a sign also. (include contact information along with an address, thank you).

Wolf Backs Delgaudio

Friday's party was a hugh success. Thank you to all of you who donated or came to the actual party. Saturday's Sterlingfest was a hugh success also with over 2000 attendents and most of them wore orange Delgaudio stickers.

Click to see more photos of Wolf Backs Delgaudio

(6 Photos)George Allen Backs Delgaudio

I will be posting more photos soon of George Allen's Endorsement Party

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