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Black Event today

May 14, 2005

Today, I will visit a 4 year college commencement for Patrick Henry
College and then I will join many of you at the Dick Black event:



The conservative, severely Christian, Delegate who liberals huff and
puff about and stamp their feet about, Dick Black, is hosting a Family
BBQ Saturday May 14, rain or shine, from noon to 4 p.m. at Bill and
Jeannie Soltesz's house at 43457 Colter court in Ashburn.

There will be every elected Republican from this county, and probably
state and national leaders present. As much as liberals hate Dick Black,
the entire Republican universe, and regular old plain Americans too, in
the USA leap for joy and shouts huzzah for Black.

For the more enthusiastic young republicans there will be a moon bounce
and face painting.


From route 7, turn south onto Ashburn Road. Turn Right onto
Ashburn Farm Parkway. Turn Left onto Windmill Dr. Turn Left onto Colter.
Park without blocking driveways.Walk to 43457. Bring at least $20.
The Blacks do not expect you to give more than $2500.00 but may make an
exception if you insist. Thank you.

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