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May 19, 2005

>>>>>>>Greenvest CLOSES ITS OFFICES
>>>>>>> Miracle Day in Loudoun

The builder company Greenvest closed its entire corporate offices for
one day to re-deploy all its workers to help with a rejuvenation project
of the Hebron House in Lucketts. The Greenvest volunteers donated and
constructed a bus stop and a "tot lot" at the Hebron House, which is the
homeless shelter for homeless families sponsored by the Good Shepard
Alliance. They will replace flooring, fix broken windows, and paint the
entire interior of the house. Greenvest received the Outstanding
Corporate Youth Project award last month and is not resting on its laurels.

>>>Loudoun School Board needs your help

Monday's Washington Post Style section ran a puff piece on the
"independent" promotion of bizarre sexual practices in Loudoun Public
Schools. Several national pro-homosexual lobbies and entire ballrooms
full of non-Loudoun pro-homosexual lobbyists lionized and presented
awards to the student who produced the strange play in which
homosexuality is promoted. Christian values are to be condemned and
anti-Christian traditional values are to be embraced if you are a Post
Style Section afficianado.

It is in this climate that after a monthlong break, the School Board
Legislative and Policy Committee is going forward next week with plans
to CONSIDER a policy PREVENTING the continued promotion of bizarre and
obscene immoral practices that offend all traditional pro-family
religions in America and the world. Their policy has now been proposed.

Way back in November 2004, a school board Chairman and School Superintendent
condemned my, and Sterling School Board member Warren Geurin's, criticism
of a printed pro- homosexual survey in the STERLING MIDDLE SCHOOL.


At the same time they attacked me, an explicit "student" play was being
organized by a high school principal, with the active help of other
pro-gay rights activists implementing a defacto school board policy to
condemn Christians and other traditional morality promoting citizens.


Now, Sterling School Board member Warren Geurin Is standing firm. The
key language in the proposed new rule has sexual libertines and
pro-obscenity forces howling:

" is the policy of the Loudoun County School Board that
theatrical presentations which contain sexual themes, promote sexuality,
or depict sexual acts are prohibited."

Will you stand by, me as your Sterling Supervisor, Geurin, and
Sterling's Children?

Or will you allow bullying, politically correct professional whiners,
and the Washington Post national editorial board, browbeat a brave band
of thoughtful School board members who must deliberate soon to adopt
this proposal?

Strident anti-Christian pro-gay rights leaders and their misguided
followers are swarming the school board members, urging the school board
to encourage
pro-homosexual plays, productions, surveys, curriculum and other
propaganda. They do not want this proposed policy passed.

The School Board's Legislative & Policy Committee proposed policy
hopefully will prevent this sort of student club activity from occurring
in the future.

I urge you to contact the School Board members again. Tell them your
support the prohibition of theatrical presentations that contain sexual
themes, promote sexuality, or depict sexual acts. Thank you.

They did it in Sterling, and Loudoun, and they must be stopped from
doing it again.

>>>>>>>How Do I Contact The School Board?

If you agree with Mr. Geurin that "certain things are not acceptable"
then write him today. We need five votes.

John A. Andrews
Chairman,School board

Thomas E. Reed
At-Large Member

Bob Ohneiser
Broad Run District

Mark J. Nuzzaco
Catoctin District

Robert F. DuPree, Jr.
Dulles District

Sarah B. Smith

J. Warren Geurin
Sterling District

Joseph M. Guzman, Ph.D.

Thank you. Send me a copy at

>>>>>>>Jim Plowman Says "No Drug Court"!
>>>>>>Delgaudio welcomes comments

Commonwealth Attorney Jim Plowman wrote a letter to Loudoun's sitting
Judges and sent a copy to the entire board of supervisors. I am extemely
supportive and appreciate and hear Mr. Plowman's misgivings about "Drug

(Mr. Plowman said, Quote).... In my mind, a Pilot Program has a certain
meaning. Specifically, letââ'¬â"¢s try this out and see if it works for us,
or if it works at all. With no additional financial resources being
committed to the effort, it seemed to be a reasonable experiment with
very little risk.

Within a few months of the establishment of the Pilot Program in July
2004, efforts were being made to secure financial resources from the
Board of Supervisors for the establishment of a permanent Drug Court for
FY06. To my surprise, the Board funded these positions. It is unclear
to me whether or not they were informed that my participation and
cooperation was necessary or what my position might be. I do know that
my input was not solicited for the presentation. As a result of this, I
informed the Board and the County Administrator by letter dated March
31, 2005 that I was not in a position to support the creation of a Drug

In March 2005, it was requested that I sign a letter of support for a
Department of Justice Drug Court Program Implementation Grant. I
declined to sign this letter and informed Community Corrections that I
could not support the creation of a Drug Court at this time. Despite my
position, the grant application was submitted.

It is readily apparent to me that the individuals who are strongly
pursuing the creation of a Drug Court are steadfast in pushing this
program through prematurely and in accordance with their own agenda and
not the will of all participants.

On Tuesday, May 3, I appeared (note: I welcomed him officially) before
the Finance Committee and requested that a general discussion of Drug
Court be placed on the Agenda for the June 7 meeting. Part of this
discussion will include the removal of currently budgeted funds
($324,000) and the elimination of the three newly approved positions.
.... At that time I will articulate in more detail my current objections
to the establishment of a Drug Court for FY06 and why I decline to

(unquote from Mr. Plowman's letter).

There is a lot of wrong-headed liberal (surprise!) philosophy in forcing
our commonwealth attorney into a therapy-laden usurption of the due
process and there will be more on this topic soon from me and,
separately, Mr. Plowman.


Together we can build a better community.

The Sterling Foundation has told me they would like to express its
deepest gratitude by publicly recognizing those who have generously
donated to the Main Street in the Making campaign during the first
quarter of 2005. We wish to thank M.C. Dean, Andrews Community
Investment, Dr. Bryan McEachern, LCSA, and Kate Davidson Landscape
Design. Through a federal grant program (TEA-21), a $7,000 anonymous
donation, and significant contributions from the community, the Sterling
Foundation has accumulated $98,200 towards a total goal of $235,000.
Main Street in the Making is a dedicated landscape revitalization of
Sterling Parkââ'¬â"¢s main thoroughfare Sterling Boulevard. To find out more
about Main Street in the Making and other area projects, please visit Way to go big donors and volunteers!

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