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May 22, 2005

Six years ago today, the voters of Sterling turned out and a majority
cast their ballot for me as the Republican nominee for Supervisor.

On May 22, 1999, my upset victory changed the way Sterling Americans,
and Loudoun County, conducts its political affairs.

So thank you for electing me and re-electing me. It is no accident that
more and more conservatives keep getting elected to local and state
office. You started it.


I asked the Commonwealth Transportation Board to not raise the tolls
from 50 cents to 75 cents. There is no good sound fiscal reason to do
this. I asked them not to take money from drivers and auto owners to use
for fixed metro rail that few of us will use.

They ignored my wishes and did not hold a public hearing in Northern
Virginia to hear what any of the drivers thought.

The Toll Hike Promoters took nearly $500,000 in your toll money to erect
a multi-media campaign to force the public to accept the toll hike on
the Dulles Toll Road. There were television, radio, print ads and
expensive brochures that spread lies how the money they took from you
and are attempting to take from you will be used to build rail you will
not see for ten years and never use.

This is like a crook taking your money and putting up "pro cook" posters
and promotions in the neighborhood. "Help Me Break Into Your House Next"
might be written on a sign by this thief. This is terrible and I oppose
using your money for propaganda telling people lies about the very act
of ripping you off!

Recently, I attended a news conference and boosted the effort to boycott
the toll hike. To see an account visit this site (WTOP News)


A Recent Newsletter is posted on the joineugene web site reporting on
TEA 21 grants, endorsements of candidates, and outstanding volunteers.


David Dingman Grover Day Photos have been posted at the web site from
the board ceremony.

>>>>Humor Section:


As the liberals in the United States Senate continue to block good and
capable jurists from even having a vote on the Senate floor, Eugene
Delgaudio, with tongue firmly in check, has decided to embrace
"bipartisanship" and has posted a survey that Ted Kennedy can "use"

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