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American Flags Fly Again After Hurricane Irene-- But When Will The Giant American Flag Return?

August 29, 2011

The hurricane has passed and thank God it was mild.

Joseph F. writes "It rained and got a little windy at my place, but nothing exceptional".

The American Flags are back out today after an Earthquake and a Hurricane except the largest flag in Sterling will be down for a few days. Please remember to fly your flag again.

Thank you all. Its great to be a Sterling American.

The American flags are flying at the Sterling Veterans Memorial.

The American flag is up at McDonalds, here hoisted by the Girl Scouts

The American flag as being flown by Boy Scouts from Sterling.

The American flag is up at the Sterling Sheriff's station. Here's The Honor Guard:

The giant American flag is down for the next few days at the Sterling Ford Dealership.

The giant American flag at Koons Sterling Ford is being repaired and will return in a few days. It was take down a few days ago for this repair and Hurricane Irene did not take the flag from its Landmark location. I will keep you posted. Here is the landmark flag flying previously.

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