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Former Governor George Allen Hailed On Return To Sterling, Dick Black and Patricia Phillips To Go to State Senate, World's largest Trampoline Opens in Sterling, But Obama's Candidate Lurking

August 2, 2011

100 Sterling Americans turned out Friday night to salute Virginia's giant hero George Allen and ate every morsel of the 2nd Giant six foot Hero in the back along with a dozen pizza pies. And the 100 people got some food too.

Thank you to all of you who visited with George Allen and me and wife Sheila for the evening.

Thank you to the 100 delegates last week who attended the Republican convention in Leesburg to nominate me, chairman candidate Scott York and sheriff candidate Mike Chapman who attended Friday night's welcome to George Allen.

All the constitutional officers (sheriff, commissioner of revenue Bob Wertz, Treasurer Roger Zurn) and 8 Supervisor candidates are now nominated.

Thank you to the many volunteers including young people who braved 100 degree heat over the past several weeks to visit with voters and residents of Sterling.

We are in a tough battle now even during the summer. We will continue to meet every Saturday at 10 a.m. at Santini's.

Opponent Working For Obama For President?

My opponent tells voters he is working for Barrack Obama for President in 2012 and has plenty of union muscle from out of town donating and plenty of non-Sterling assistance from far left zealots who live far from Sterling. These non-Sterling Americans want an end to the progress we have made for our community.

There are calls from liberal voters who want to increase taxes-- they claim "taxes are too low in Loudoun". They tell me to my face that they believe government should do more.

I respectfully disagree. I think government should do less in order to relieve taxpayers from an unnecessary burden.

The calls coming from my opponent are for Obama and his spending insanity to become the 2011 policy of Sterling-- your Sterling. "Obama Was Right, Obama Now, Obama in 2012, Obama always," my opponent says over and over again.

Please help me resist this assault on our wallets. If my opponent wins, the floodgates of uncontrolled spending will empty the county's bank accounts and then Loudoun County will seek even more from what is left.

I will work and hope you can join me at some point in this struggle against outside forces who are alien to the Sterling traditions.

If you have not donated recently please donate again. If you have not donated use this opportunity to donate now. Thank you.

Donations can be made online at this link to "Friends of Delgaudio". I will be alerted of your support.

Or Please Mail checks to Friends of Delgaudio P.O. Box 1222 Sterling Va. 20167


Virginia Senator Candidate Dick Black (S.D.13)

Conservatives who want a break from campaigning for "Delgaudio for Supervisor" should go to help Dick Black run for Senator in a primary contest for the Republican nomination (outside of Sterling but mostly a Loudoun County Senate District) on Tuesday August 23. The campaign phone is 703.468.1342 and they are working 7 days a week until 8 p.m. at night.

Go to the website and fill out a volunteer form, or donate tonight. The campaign phone is 703-468-1342.

Virginia Senator Candidate Patricia Phillips (S.D. 33)

Patricia is the Republican nominee for Senator in all of Sterling in a November contest. Former Sterling District GOP chairman and former candidate for Senator in the 2007 race as well. Her campaign phone is 571.918.0635 and the website is

PRIMARIES AUGUST 23 For the New 87 Delegate District in Sterling

Sterling has a local contest for Delegate to Richmond in the new 87 District on August 23. Those of you getting mail know this of course. We now have 2 Republican Delegates with a possible 3rd!

First, the Senaca Precinct, Sterling District has a contest for Delegate in November with Delegate Barbara Comstock as the GOP nominee in the 34 House district.

And some of Sterling is still represented by Delegate Tom Rust (86th District). These areas are part of Park View precinct (split east of Sterling Blvd.) and all of Forest Grove Precinct. Mr. Rust does not have a Republican primary.

Most of the rest of the Sterling District has a contest between 2 candidates, Jo-ann Chase and David Ramadan both from South Riding in the new 87 district: Buchanan, Claude Moore Park, Mirror Ridge, Park View (west of Sterling Blvd.) Rolling Ridge and Guilford precincts on August 23 for the Republican nomination.

The 87 has 13 other Loudoun and Prince William precincts. (If you are confused, just write me back).


Rebounderz Trampoline Arena Grand Opening in Sterling

On July 29, a new facility opened in Sterling. This 6,000 square foot arena style trampoline is the biggest in the world and for ages 2 to 92. $16 is admission for one hour. Fill out waiver form online before coming. 22400 Davis Drive, Sterling,

Sterling Playmakers "Wizard of Oz"

The Sterling Playmakers is now sponsoring on stage the Wizard of Oz Fridays and Saturdays, starting this weekend July 29-30, continuing next weekend August 5-6 and 12-13 at 8 p.m. and Sundays at 2 pm at Potomac Falls HS.


Every year its free but now its $1 (one dollar) to see G and PG rated movies at the Sterling Regal Cinemas Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 10 AM. Each day you can can pick from 2 movies being offered.

for more information on movies and schedule

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