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Conservative Hero Mark Levin Stands with Sterling Against Liberalism

June 5, 2011

I am hosting a free admission, pizza and American Flag party this coming Saturday June 11 at 12 noon at Santini's Restaurant (in the Towncenter opposite Burlington Coat Factory)

National conservative radio host Mark Levin, who recently lost his beloved dog Pepsi, has sent me his endorsement and a tremendous financial gift.

I am honored. Sterling is honored.

Mr. Levin can be heard locally on WMAL 630 AM and is a lawyer and writer and hero of millions of conservatives.

I have reservations from 25 other VIPs and candidates and would like to get that up to 50. Donations are welcome and I am seeking $500,000 in total funds. Usually donations range from five dollars to $1,000 at these affairs.

(I will stop asking for money once I get $500,000 and have $450,000 to go at this point. If you can write a check for $450,000 or know someone who can write a check for $450,000 could you please send that today or bring it Saturday?)

Can you come?


Phantom Government Rules Loudoun?

I have been talking to the new areas of Sterling District added in the re-districting.

"In XX years of living here, I have never met my Loudoun County Supervisor" said one voter among many.

It is the number one comment of people who I meet in the new areas of the Sterling District and of the areas outside of Sterling District.

The XX above could be a range of years with the longest being 25 years.

Your Favorite Supervisor?

I try to be accessible and the 2nd most frequent statement outside of Sterling District is

"......I know who you are and like your (work), or (positions),or (stands),or (votes), or (comments)".

I bring this up because something you take for granted is threatened.

The rest of the world is astounded that one local Supervisor can be heard over the din of a hell-bent spending monster.

They are hopeful this voice can continue.

But, there are dark forces at work to take away your representative who has been there pushing your values for 12 years.

Liberals are donating heavily to my opponent. Spending with no limit from treasuries funded with largess, taken forcibly from innocent victims in the form of union dues or fueled by promises of tax increases and giant pay increases, these liberal forces are piling up a war chest to exterminate our conservative values.

Liberal supervisors laugh at me for working so hard.

They mock me for constantly toiling away.

Liberals are counting on apathy and a rich treasure of ill-gotten funds to vanquish our ability to be represented by an unwavering conservative voice.

Will you once again march forth to respond to this threat?

On Saturday June 11 at 12 noon at Santini's I will have American Flags for you and your family. I will introduce you to my family again and our staff and volunteers (Rachel, Jen, Josh, Michael, Donny, Lauren, and Hannah) and many celebrities.

Admission is free, Donations are welcome.

The liberals are counting on apathy. So turn out is critically important and your check book is your response to the rich deposits being made by office holders who want my conservative investigations stopped of their boondoggling ways.


The next Delgaudio fundraiser is Saturday June 11, 12 to 2 p.m. at Santini's Restaurant in Sterling, Virginia. Admission is free. Donations are welcome.

Please rsvp and tell me you are coming. Thanks.

The project is explained in more detail at this link "10,000 American Flags Project Success Is Up to You and You"

Please Donate Today To Friends of Delgaudio

Donations to the Friends of Delgaudio can be made immediately online at this link (very much appreciated).

Thank you again.

(P.S. Liberals threaten to destroy your voice and replace it with a grubby grabbing grandiosely spending noisy liberal who will shout with pleasure in approval for every spending scheme proposed for board of supervisors' approval. The liberals are pouring money into the coffers of my opponent. Will you help me by responding with your attendance June 11 and your financial support of $25, $50 or $100 on Saturday June 11 or online today? Thanks -- ED )

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