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June 3, 2011

Dear Sterling American,

There has been a lot of news coverage going on about Loudoun.

Back during the budget I voted "no" ( 8 yes, one no) to the board's decision to give $30 million to the unelected WMATTA board without any oversight or "opt out" options for Loudoun on rail to Dulles.

Every week for 2 months, the news media now reports new stories of the out of control spending.

Last week I condemned to a Washington DC wide audience the billions being wasted.

This week national, state and local figures -- nearly unanimously-- focus on getting the unelected WMATTA board under control.

There is a lot of reckless spending but this is the biggest boondoggle in the region and your Sterling Supervisor was on the job with a loud voice.

If you believe rail to Dulles Airport should be built with no costs under control (current estimates $4.2 billion) or if you think costs should be controlled (original budget $1.2 billion) please let the Board of Supervisors know your opinion at

College Grad Tells School Board "WHAT ARE YOU THINKING?"

I heard recent college grad and college republican Michael Monrroy boldly (prefered descriptive word) tell the School board they wasted millions this week.

"Monrroy said he would cut luxury items from the budget, and he blatantly told the (School) board he would not have voted to spend more than $4 million-almost half of the unspent FY11 funds-on implementing 838 interactive white boards in all classrooms."

From report: "Three Vie For Sterling School Board Seat"

So the School board could have returned the money to the Board of supervisors for returning to the taxpayer. Instead they spent it. How cruel and gruesome are my budget proposals when the school board finds 8.5 million in surplus in squander just months after we set the budget and tax rate?

Republican Filing Forms for Delegates Posted.

For those of you who want to attend the July 23 Loudoun GOP convention. The form has now been posted. Admission is free but you must submit this form in order to be admitted as a voting delegate.



The next Delgaudio fundraiser is Saturday June 11, 12 to 2 p.m. at Santini's Restaurant in Sterling, Virginia. Admission is free.

Donations are welcome.

Please rsvp and tell me you are coming. Thanks.

The project is explained in more detail at this link "10,000 American Flags Project Success Is Up to You and You"

Please Donate Today To Friends of Delgaudio

Donations to the Friends of Delgaudio can be made immediately online at this link (very much appreciated).

A powerful liberal opponent is working together with rich liberals to oppose our conservative policies right now. If you could donate that it will be a big help.Thank you.

Thank you again.

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