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LINK Dinner Sunday?

March 12, 2005


Construction of the Holly/Church Road traffic signal had been delayed
because one of the adjacent property owners decided not to offer part of
their property for the construction. The signal had to be completely
redesigned for a new location and tests conducted on the soil to see if
it will support the new signal. Virginia Department of Transportation
contractors have begun the installation of the foundation and pole.
Please be extra careful at that intersection while workers install this
light. Thank you for your patience.

>>>Looking to fill the LINK Basket

A local assistance program for the needy plans an event to help stock
their kitchen for future provisions. LINK schedules their annual
Thanksgiving in March for this Sunday- the 13th- at Lansdowne. The
benefit dinner & concert starts at six in the evening at the Lansdowne
Resort in Ashburn.

The organization estimates some nine hundred families potentially
receiving basic necessities from the moneys raised at the event.

Proceeds support LINK’s annual Thanksgiving Food Basket Program-
reaching out to financially-challenged families in Eastern Loudoun &
Western Fairfax Counties.

Sterling Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio has participated as a volunteer and
other local elected officials all the way up to Congressman Wolf have
secured support for LINK.

Mark Gunderman recommended a phone number for reservations- at Area Code
703-404-8412- handled by Board Member Joy Trickett. At this late date,
call and leave a brief message but join Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio,
Delegates Black and Rust, who are supporting this effort.

Come to the event. If you can not come to the Sunday dinner, then just
talk to Joy Trickett at 703-444-8412 and give her a donation by u.s.
postage mail. Thank you.

But do come if you can. Thank you.

The admission is set at 40 dollars per ticket- or two for 75 dollars.
LINK’s support of needy families is increasing last year- from about 750
families up to 900.

This Sunday, March 13 Gala Benefit features the Riverside Wind Symphony.

The County Board of Supevisors unanimously honored the organization last
year with a Citation of Recognition- on three decades’ service to
Northern Virginia- providing food, clothing & financial assistance to
families in need.


The Loudoun County Board of Supervisors voted to raise the net worth
allowed and the total income for taxpayers who are elderly or disabled
to be exempted from property taxes. If your household income is less
than $78,000 per year and your net worth is less than $340,000 (not
including your house and land).

The application for tax relief for the elderly and disabled is available

If you need assistance in filling out the form or want me to mail it to
someone who does not have email, have them call me at 703-421-4599, my
home phone number. Thank you.


Together with the Board of Supervisors, April 5th, 2005 is “David
Dingman Grover Day.â€

Supervisor Delgaudio has requested that staff prepare a Resolution of
Recognition for action at the April 5 Board of Supervisors Meeting at
9:30 a.m. right after the opening prayer and pledge of allegiance.

David Dingman Grover, of Sterling, is a 10-year-old Sterling boy who
overcame cancer in a case that drew international attention.

David was diagnosed with Stage 4 Embroynal Rhabdomyosarcoma when he was
eight years old. His family was told it was inoperable and terminal.
David named his tumor “Frank,†after Frankenstein’s monster, which
frightened him until he dressed up as it for Halloween. To pay his
medical bills, his family began selling “Frank Must Die†t-shirts and
bumper stickers. Generous donors paid for David’s medical treatments
and surgery, and on February 2nd, the last remnants of David’s tumor
were removed.

You are invited to witness this event, on television (cable access) or
in Leesburg in the Board of Supervisors room. Help celebrate April 5th,
2005 as “David Dingman Grover Day.â€

David, his father Bryn, and his mother Tiffini will be accepting the
commendation at the April 5, 2005 business meeting at 9:30 a.m. sharp.

I am inviting you to this special ceremony celebrating the "death of
"Frank" (the tumor).

Consider writing a check for the David Dingman Cancer Fund also. The
entire USA came forward to support this brave young man who is an
inspiration to all children in Sterling and the rest of the United
States. His operation was expensive.


The website devoted to this fight for David Dingman Grover is

Send donations to:
David Dingman Cancer Fund
Community Bank of Northern Virginia
107 Free Court
Sterling, VA 20164


Sterling School Board member Warren Geurin Is standing firm. Will you
stand by, me as your Sterling Supervisor, Geurin, and Sterling's Children?

Strident anti-Christian pro-gay rights leaders and their misguided
followers are
publicly urging the school board to encourage pro-homosexual plays,
surveys, curriculum and other propaganda at every meeting in recent weeks.

The School Board's Legislative & Policy Committee meets this Wednesday
to create a policy that hopefully will prevent this sort of
student club activity from occurring in the future.

The Policy Committee of the School board will undertake a thorough
review of the School Board's legal authority to decide policy in the
area of student clubs and activities, as well as how to better hold club
sponsors and school administrators more accountable for following School
Board policy.

I urge anyone who desires to express a point of view about a policy of
this nature to contact the School Board members now.

>>>>>>>>>How Do I Contact The School Board?

If you agree with Mr. Geurin that "certain things are not acceptable"
write me and him today.

Eugene Delgaudio
Sterling District Supervisor

John A. Andrews
Chairman,School board

Thomas E. Reed
At-Large Member

Bob Ohneiser
Broad Run District

Mark J. Nuzzaco
Catoctin District

Robert F. DuPree, Jr.
Dulles District

Sarah B. Smith

J. Warren Geurin** (a critic of "homosexual advocacy" in the schools)
Sterling District

Joseph M. Guzman, Ph.D.

Thank you.


John Grigsby, is being singled out in a $1.5 million dollar harassment
lawsuit to be decided in a trial by jury. John is, by all standards, a
model citizen, a married sole provider working in an regular salaried
job, with limited financial resources, attempting to care for a family
of four, along with his lovely wife, Patricia, a stay at home mom. His
tireless efforts on behalf of electing the present pro-growth members of
the Board of Supervisors are well known.

The lawsuit apparently rests upon remarks made at a public input session
delivered in the halls of government, exercising his right of free
speech, informing the present Board of Supervisors on matters of
property rights including the character and tactics of its opponents.

Please make a donation to "Gura & Day, LLC" with a note on the memo line
noting "Grigsby defense." Mail checks directly to: Bura & Day 11350
Random Hills Road, Suite 650, Fairfax, Va 22030. Thank you from the
Friends of John Grigsby

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