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Budget Q and A With Eugene Delgaudio

March 21, 2005

> Question To Eugene - I'm looking at your e-mail "40% INCREASE IN
> can't make heads or tails of the list of items you want to cut from the
> budget. (Citizen)

Answer: this is a listing of some past boondoggles. There are over 100
items that I have voted against over the last year and approximately
1,000 items in the past 5 years. Scott York and Jim Burton lie when they
say that I do not list the programs that I am critical of . Many of the
votes have been recorded
against the previous board's budget items that continue today. Things
are better but there are still 100 items this year that warranted my
"no" vote. I still oppose the 1,000 items as well as the 100 items.

If those 100 items-- which I voted "no" on--- were reconsidered and
taken out of the current budget there would be 50 million dollars in

I will be bringing up for reconsideration all of those items by name.

For example: if the Board revokes the Howard Hughes Medical Institute
tax exemption, it would save the county $6 million.

I understand the first two items-raises for county employees and the
animal shelter-but what does "government run poverty action agencies" mean?

Answer: I am referring to the proposal, widely discussed with 4
supervisors supporting it.The good shepard alliance proposed obtaining,
$175,000 in state funds to become Loudoun's "poverty action agency" .
Easy money. GSA did all the
work. The county bureaucrats panicked and blocked GSA from doing this.

Last month the Human Health Services committee decided it will charge
$15,000 to the $175,000 grant proposal and that the LC Social Services
Dept. will be the "OFFICIAL" poverty action agency for the next 5 years.

Not GSA. If GSA does all the work and keep the LCSS as their boss, then
they might become the designated poverty action agency. This is
Loudoun style partnership. Instead of taking one year to figure out how
to get the partnership working, they will take six years.

I propose getting rid of all government involvement in "poverty action
agencies" and letting GSA, a private charity, be the "poverty action
agency" now, just like I proposed last summer.

> Question to Eugene: When you say "public video stores" I assume you
mean you don't want DVDs at> the library,(Citizen)

Answer From Eugene: that is correct.

Question to Eugene: what is the actual program you're cutting when you say
"obesity instruction **bullying propaganda"? What is "pro-gay rights

Answer from Eugene: Parents of students in public schools are being
attacked by the liberal
establishment for the food they serve their family. And their children
are being singled out for attack because they are overweight. This
poisonous political diet is fueled by a ravenous million dollar
propaganda budget
that requires teachers and administrative personnel to parrot the mantra
that verbally abusing an entire school population about their diet is
part of the education mission. No it should not be part of the education

The "bullying propaganda" and pro-gay rights brainwashing treats all
students as victims and again singles out Christians and other moral
minded students as intolerant and oppressive bullies who need to conform
to the one think.

The BP program also requires $500,000 in time, trainers, materials,
monitoring, surveys and explicit advocacy as previously reported.

AT THE SAME TIME that the school board majority condemned my and
Sterling School Board member Warren Geurin's criticism of the homosexual
survey in the STERLING MIDDLE SCHOOL, an explicit "student" play was
being organized by a high school principal implementing school board
policy to condemn Christians. I estimate that $25,000 was spent in
teacher and administrative development of this assault on Christians.

If the high school principal resigns or organizes The Passion of Jesus
Christ, there would be a balance.

I expect that there will be continued taxpayer paid for follow up
rallies that single out Christians as intolerant as official school
policy in Loudoun County. I oppose this as disgusting abuse of
government power and illegal harassment of peaceful taxpayers. Like the
wrongful action at Potomac Falls High School, it will take a lawsuit to
stop the school board from continuing the wrongful harassment of
Christians. By allowing the promotion of illegal acts condemned by
Virginia law, the School Board is opening themselves up to this.

Question To Eugene: What are "All 'preservation' sink holes"?(Citizen)

Answer from Eugene:

There are "preservation sink holes" all over the county consisting of
vast land banking, preservation monuments, by the county and over
regulation of private citizens and industries to comply with
"preservation" driven regulations. The sink holes are also tax dodges
that rob the taxpayer by locking up land that could otherwise be taxed
at the same commercial rate they are taxed at.

Vast stretches of the County are taxed at "agricultural rates" through
the use of agricultural easements and special Agriculural districts. I
don't see any farmers matching the number of agricultural districts.
Down zoning is mandatory forced agricultural style zoning for people who
are already not being taxed and forces everyone into "agricultural"
style zoning.

Down zoning is another "preservation sink hole" which costs Eastern
Loudoun taxpayers additional millions of dollars due to the automatic
doubling and tripling of areas subject to "artificial" controls.

The "preservation sink holes" are everywhere: The Farm Museum in Claude
Moore Park, millions of dollars over a period of years. I opposed that.
Aldie Mill Museum, $549,000 in the current budget to "partner" with the
Loudoun Museum to operate -- a total waste. Preservationists should fund
that with their own money.

County Supervisors, Republicans included, voted to spend $549,000 for
the Aldie Mill so that long time preservationists can grind to their

A million dollars for the long abandoned Mt. Zion Church on Route 50.
$40,000.00 for albino frogs. There is a $250,000 budget for historic
preservation and geological studies in the county which costs builders
over $5 million annually in studies, preservation and other costs.

Roundabouts on Route 50 are budgeted at $17 million to "slow" the
traffic instead of speeding it up. One bridge was rebuilt and was
narrowed, on busy route 50, with expensive stones to "slow" the traffic,
instead of widening for safety- at a cost of an extra $500,000. For much
less money, there could have a wider and safer bridge.

The county is spending $250,000 to sue the power company to force it to
bury electric cables which would raise the cost of electricity for the
taxpayers of Sterling District by millions of dollars. Burying cable
increases the cost of maintenance, construction and repairs 400 per cent
annually. And all the trees die in 2 to 3 years anyway because you dig
up the roots to bury the cable.

$8 million in Purchase of Development Rights. Name one public good in
return for that payoff to already rich people. It still does not make
sense to give rich people $8 million of taxpayer's dollars. Will we ever
get it back?

In the pursuit to preserve "land", the county purchased 99 acres called
the Mickie Gordon Park outside Middleburg. There is a ballfield there.
Most is unused or unplanned for.

The $10 million purchase of the Fields Property and the Shellhorn
property is of such massive proportions and controversy that entire
forests have been felled discussing what NOT to do at the respective

In the Shellhorn property, the county expects the Board to spend
hundreds of millions of dollars to carry out various proposed
improvements, roads, and uses with accesss by a dirt road for Eastern
Loudoun. I oppose that.

There are many other unused properties bought by wasteful boards
including the rushed purchase of the Islamic Saudi Academy for $13
million for "schools" but is now being pushed for "wet labs".

One of the motivations of these large land purchases is "preserving" land.

I estimate there is $50 million in land being held by the county, the
schools, county utilities or other local government operations (like
Fairfax City by Goose Creek) that is being wasted by using it for
purposes other than schools or fire and rescue. Putting Senior Centers
or Youth centers up instead of schools or fire and rescue is wrong.

Having a 1,000 acres (sic) of government land sit unused for decades is

The relentless pursuit to "preserve" land could cost taxpayers $250
million in the next ten years in direct costs and in indirect regulatory

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