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Big Spenders Surround Five Sups

March 21, 2005

Recent TAX HIKE FIGHTING in Leesburg

At our March 10th budget work-session, Supervisor Mick Staton made a
motion to direct the County Administrator and his staff to report back
to the Board of Supervisors with options to reduce the tax rate to
$1.04. The motion was seconded and supported by your Sterling
Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio and, in a rare vote, the motion was
successful on a vote of 2 in favor (myself and Mr. Staton), 1 opposed
(Jim Burton), 3 abstaining (Scott York, Sally Kurtz, and Steve Snow),
and 3 absent (Bruce Tulloch, Lori Waters, and Jim Clem).

With this successful vote last March 10, the County Administrator
returned to the Board of Supervisors at our next work-session, last
March 17, with his recommendations on how the Board of Supervisors can
achieve a tax rate of $1.04, and three of my colleagues joined me and
Sup. Mick Staton in supporting most of that goal.

It was a Saint Patrick's Day Tax Reduction Miracle. The board members
who voted for most of the reductions at the March 17 worksession most of
the time (approximately 12 million dollars on the county side of
government and 5 million dollars on the school side of the budget) were:

Waters and

Mr. Staton firmly believes that we can set a tax rate of no higher than
$1.04 and produce a budget that provides for the high quality services
that you expect from the County.

I believe we can go to 99 cents and still have quality service. Right
now the rate has been lowered to 1.04 and I am continuing to focus on
wasteful spending in every budget session.

Sadly, a majority of Supervisors do not agree with my view of the
wasteful spending. Many supervisors openly disagree with me. And some in
the news media report it partially, like WMAL Radio portraying the
budget busting Spanish Language signs and printed materials in the
County Government budget.

Your email message can accomplish a lot. It can reduce some news media
and special interests blockades to a small noise.

Then hopefully the majority of Supervisors can continue to work with
Mick Staton, as I have, to lower the rate from 1.11 to 1.04 in
worksessions. But you must write today your email encouraging this
budget cutting at

Mick Staton has to be given credit for making the motion to reduce
spending to $1.04 per
100 dollars. Now it is up to you to not leave the five supervisors
hanging on a tree limb while the special interests saw it off.

I am trying to cut millions out of the budget. I ask your encouragement
for these efforts.

I ask your encouragement to five supervisors who are surrounded by the
Washington Post, the Loudoun times mirror newspapers, special interests,
teachers unions, liberals of every stripe and government workers who
demand more money for their 8% salary increases, programs and boondoggles.


The Loudoun County Board of Supervisors voted to raise the net worth
allowed and the total income for taxpayers who are elderly or disabled
to be exempted from property taxes. If your household income is less
than $72,000 (correction) per year and your net worth is less than
$340,000 (not including your house and land).

The application for tax relief for the elderly and disabled is available

If you need assistance in filling out the form or want me to mail it to
someone who does not have email, have them call me at 703-421-4599, my
home phone number. Thank you.

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