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February 11, 2005

Dulles Toll Road Tolls to Pay for Rail Boondoggle!

The Commonwealth Transportation Board is planning to raise tolls on the
Dulles Toll Road from 50 to 75 cents at the main plaza and from 35 to 50
cents at other exits in order to finance the Metro extension to Dulles
Airport - which will not be built out to Reston until 2011 at the
earliest. This project will not take cars off the roads, nor will it
ease congestion. The new fares could be in effect as early as this spring!

Message to send in a letter or email to
and state "THIS IS FOR THE RECORD, Hon. Secretary of Transportation
Whittington Clement, send a copy to -- all nine

SAMPLE MESS: I urge you to stop the Commonwealth Transportation Board
from passing any toll increase on the Dulles Toll Road! If all goes as
expected, the Board will raise toll rates from 50 to 75 cents at the
main plaza and from 35 to 50 cents at other exits when the Board meets
in Richmond on Feb. 17, 2005. This means that most residents of Northern
Virginia will not have a chance to attend a hearing and that the Board
will be making its decision without necessary input.

If history is any guide, costs are likely to increase far beyond current
estimates and the rail extension will do little to relieve gridlock on
the roads. Once the project is built, the proposed rail connector will
create yet another burden on local taxpayers since Metro requires large
annual operating subsidies.

Forcing motorists to pay a heavy share for a project they may never use,
without even holding a local "hearing" (these are "meetings") or a
public vote, is patently unfair. Northern Virginians deserve a say over
whether our tolls will be raised or not.


The CTB (Commonwealth Transportation baord) is a body appointed by
Governor Mark Warner and empowered to make decisions regarding
transportation projects like raising tolls on automobile drivers for
mass transit use (YUK). The current proposal is to raise the tolls by
25 cents at each of the Toll Road exits and 25 cents at the main toll plaza.


Northern Virginia CTB Member Kate Hanley is holding public meetings to
receive comment on the proposed toll increase. These meetings are
scheduled as follows:

On February 11 at 6:30 p.m. a public meeting will be held in the Board
Room of the Loudoun County Government Building (1 Harrison Street, S.E.,
Leesburg, Virginia).


On February 12 at 9:00 a.m. a public meeting will be held in the Council
Chambers of the Town of Herndon (765 Lynn Street, Herndon, Virginia).

>>>> earlier inquiries now shown to be right on

This information has been distributed at church, and sent to me by
several area taxpayers who do not want their Loudoun school properties
used for propaganda of any kind, conservative, liberal; pro-gay rights
or anti-gay rights.

>>>>>>>>>>>The Issue:

Stone Bridge High School sponsored a play called "Postcards from
Paradise." During this play there is a scene where two male students
kiss and then tell the audience that, "You can't tell me that there
isn't a little bit of me in every one of you."

Published reports confirm this now and in fact the teacher and students
involved stridently assert they have the unlimited right to promote
pro-gay rights philosophies on school grounds. The School board has
voted to have a Special Committee look at the topic.

>>>>>>>>>>>>What Can I Do?

Tell the Loudoun County School Board that as a taxpayer, you believe it
is inappropriate to promote homosexuality in our public schools.
Contact the School Board members immediately. The next School Board
meeting is on Tuesday, February 8th. Forward this e-mail several times
to other taxpayers in Loudoun County who don't believe schools funded by
taxpayer money is the place to promote sexual lifestyles.

>>>>>>>>>How Do I Contact Them?

I have been told you will get your message through only if you write
each and every school board member separately and frequently. I have
been told that no action will be taken unless the public writes.

John A. Andrews

Thomas E. Reed
At-Large Member

Bob Ohneiser
Broad Run District

Mark J. Nuzzaco
Catoctin District

Robert F. DuPree, Jr.
Dulles District

Sarah B. Smith

J. Warren Geurin** (has been strong critic of "homosexual advocacy")
Sterling District

Joseph M. Guzman, Ph.D.

Repeat of earlier promotion

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On Sunday, March 13, the Riverside Wind Symphony will present a concert
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Come join LINK on Sunday evening, March 13 for a dinner of hope, love,
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>>>Help Bowl and Raise Money for Buses for Kids To Ride

Virginia Regional Transportation Association The 3rd Annual Bowlathon
Presents: BOWLATHON Village Lanes 49 Catoctin Circle, SE Leesburg, VA
20175(703) 777-1864
February 26, 2005 AT 6pm Bowling For Free!


Pro-homosexual surveys in the schools, similar to surveys I condemned
earlier, were outlawed (made illegal) in a overwhelming vote by the
House of Delegates in which only hard core Democrats, liberal extremists
and one openly homosexual delegate voted no. Adoption of children by gay
rights activists has been outlawed by a similar overwhelming vote of the
House of Delegates. Constitutional amendments defending marriage have
been passed by both the House and Senate in Richmond. I will post you in
more detail on all of this later.

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