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April 11, 2005

>>>Budget Set.

I will be writing more in the future about this: the tax rate was set
April 5 at $1.04 by a vote of six yes, 3 no. It is an amazing tribute to
you and your support that Scott York, Sally Kurtz and Jim Burton ended
up on the "no" side this year. For years, those 3 have had the
opportunity to vote yes to increased spending. Now they must vote "no"

This is an awesome turnaround. Imagine the Titanic poping up after sinking.

This means we were able to convince six supervisors (Delgaudio, Staton,
Tulloch, Waters, Clem, and Snow) to support reductions and sound
financial management. Your encouragement sustained me and the five other
Sups in lowering the rate as far as we went. We need to go down further
and you will hear frequently from me on that in the future.

>>>Who Got Chosen Top Woman?

I nominated the inspirational head nurse at Loudoun Hospital to be one
of the Outstanding Women of 2005 and the Women's Commission has chosen
her to receive the Women's Health Award for 2005. Congratulations to Ms.
Joy Corriher.

Nurse Corriher worked to empower the Registered Nurses employed by the
Loudoun Healthcare facility with the opportunity to advance their
education at virtually no cost to them.

This May, 2005, eleven nurses will be graduating with their advanced
practice Master's degree as a result of Nurse Corriher's organizational
efforts at fundraising, partnering and enthusiasm. This benefits
patients and the nurses too.

She and the entire Loudoun Healthcare organization are excited. A
luncheon to honor her and other top women will be held May 3 in
Leesburg. Tickets are $16. Call 703-430-0681 for questions.

>>Delgaudio and company are crying

It all came together due to your help and the cooperation of the Board
of Supervisors.

I presented the resolution to young David- who slew the giant monster
Frank (the cancer)- naming April 5 David Dingman Grover Day and welcomed
back to Loudounn the boy wonder that has been through so much.

I announced the wonderful outpouring of financial support from Loudoun
County. I presented a official Loudoun County Pin to him and told him
all the Supervisors and all the adult volunteers and staff wanted him to
wear it to represent Loudoun.

David expressed his appreciation and said he will always remember this day.

All the board members cried and even tough guy Bruce Tulloch got down on
his knee to express an emotional appreciation.

The Community Bank of Northern Virginia has set up a special account
called the David Dingman Grover Cancer Fund in Sterling. The bank vice
president, Kim, of Community Bank came to the Board Meeting and received
$5,305.00 in donations from this effort.

Anonymous Donors, and the following donors, have donated a total of

Thanks to Hobie Mitchell of Lansdowne, Carol Barbe, CEO of American Red
Cross, Loudoun Chap., John R. Spotts of Sterling, BOWMAN CONSULTING,
Dale Polen Myers, Patricia Shockey
Stan Settle, of Pulte Homes, Citizens for Property Rights, Richard and
Judith Mazzucchelli and Miller Construction, John Nettles for a total of
$5,305 went to the David Dingman Grover Cancer Fund. One anonymous
collection totaled $1000.00, another $5. It all added up.

But that's not all. Robert Farren gave two tickets to a DC United Soccer
game, front row. And another donor has called with 4 front row seats to
a Nationals Baseball game.

So thank you to all of you who prayed or wrote checks. This made an
important mark in the day of one young boy.


The School Board Legislative and Policy Committee is going forward NOW
with plans to create a policy PREVENTING the continued promotion of
bizarre and obscene immoral practices that offend all traditional
pro-family religions in America and the world. Their policy has now been

Way back in November 2004, a school board Chairman and School Superintendent
condemned my and Sterling School Board member Warren Geurin's criticism
of a printed pro- homosexual survey in the STERLING MIDDLE SCHOOL. At
the same time they attacked me, an explicit "student" play was being
organized by a high school principal, with the active help of other
pro-gay rights activists implementing a defacto school board policy to
condemn Christians and other traditional morality promoting citizens.


Now, Sterling School Board member Warren Geurin Is standing firm. The
key language in the proposed new rule has sexual libertines and
pro-obscenity forces howling:

" is the policy of the Loudoun County School Board that
theatrical presentations which contain sexual themes, promote sexuality,
or depict sexual acts are prohibited."

Will you stand by, me as your Sterling Supervisor, Geurin, and
Sterling's Children?

Or will you allow bullying, politically correct professional whiners
browbeat a brave band of thoughtful School board members who must
deliberate soon to adopt this proposal?

Strident anti-Christian pro-gay rights leaders and their misguided
followers will swarm Tuesday night urging the school board to encourage
pro-homosexual plays, productions, surveys, curriculum and other
propaganda. They do not want this proposed policy passed.

The School Board's Legislative & Policy Committee proposed policy
hopefully will prevent this sort of student club activity from occurring
in the future.

I urge you to contact the School Board members again. Tell them your
support the prohibition of theatrical presentations that contain sexual
themes, promote sexuality, or depict sexual acts. Thank you.

They did it in Sterling and they must be stopped.

>>>>>>>How Do I Contact The School Board?

If you agree with Mr. Geurin that "certain things are not acceptable"
then write him today. We need five votes.

John A. Andrews
Chairman,School board

Thomas E. Reed
At-Large Member

Bob Ohneiser
Broad Run District

Mark J. Nuzzaco
Catoctin District

Robert F. DuPree, Jr.
Dulles District

Sarah B. Smith

J. Warren Geurin** (a critic of "homosexual advocacy" in the schools)
Sterling District

Joseph M. Guzman, Ph.D.

Thank you. Send me a copy at

I have to be at a Public Hearing on Tuesday, but if you really want to
go above and beyond the call of duty, show up and testify Tuesday at the
School Board meeting (unless you have a family committment). Call 1st
thing on Monday morning, The School Board office at 703.689.1600.

>>>Board of Supervisors Honors Outstanding Volunteers

Can you ever get too much good news?

The Loudoun County Board of Supervisors will honor recipients of Loudoun
Volunteer Services' 2005 Outstanding Volunteer Awards at the Board's
April 19 meeting.

"The recipients of this year's awards in 11 different categories are
exceptional examples of the many dedicated volunteers who give of
themselves in ways that benefit the entire community," said Leigh Ann
Macklin, President of the Loudoun Volunteer Services Board of Directors.

Among the honored groups and people, you have heard from me one hundred
times about these two (Link and Joy Trickett).

Outstanding Volunteer Organization: LINK. Link is comprised of 14
members churches in Herndon and eastern Loudoun communities, united in a
common cause to provide food and financial assistance to qualified
people in need fifty-two weeks a year. Volunteers are responsible for
all the work that needs to be done and most goods are received by local
donations. In 2004, food deliveries were provided to 747 families. More
than 400 deliveries were made to support organizations.

Outstanding Adult Volunteer: Joy Trickett. Many hours each week, Joy
volunteers her time at the Good Shepherd thrift store in Sterling, the
Clothes Closet, LINK and Herndon Free Clinic. She spends a lot of her
time volunteering by writing grant proposals with her executive
director, soliciting donations for the homeless shelters or Habitat for
Humanity, gathering food to feed the homeless, and accepting and
coordinating the delivery of a refrigerator, stove or bed for someone in

** I missed April Fools Day **

Liberals, Scott York, and FORMER commonwealth prosecutor Bob Anderson
and have long taken issue with the genuine mirth that Eugene Delgaudio
brings to some of the "serious" matters that they embrace. "Serious
business" like raising your taxes, attacking an independent Sherif Steve
Simpson or putting conservatives out of business. I have to laugh when
deadpan liberals demand agreement and unanimous consent to corruption or

Both Scott York and Bob Anderson have proclaimed in meeting rooms or
with dozens of witnesses: "Delgaudio Stop Laughing."

Now medical science is coming to my rescue just in time. (This was
reported in the Washington Post two weeks ago, and now has been spread
on the internet).

It is actually healthy to laugh and it will prolong your life.

Laughter, especially the grab your stomach and roll on the floor kind of
guffaws, could prevent a heart attack.


Researchers from the University of Maryland School of Medicine in
Baltimore have shown for the first time that laughter is linked to the
healthy function of blood vessels. Laughing seems to cause the tissue
that forms the inner lining of blood vessels, called the endothelium, to
dilate or expand in order to increase blood flow, reports Medical News


The study: A group of 20 non-smoking, healthy volunteers, equally
divided between men and women, whose average age was 33 were shown part
of two movies, each of which was at the extreme ends of the emotional


Before watching the movies, the volunteers fasted overnight and were
given a baseline blood vessel reactivity test to measure what is known
as flow-mediated vasodilation. For that test, blood flow in the brachial
artery in the arm was restricted by a blood pressure cuff and then
released. An ultrasound device then measured how well the blood vessel
responded to the sudden increase in flow, reports Medical News Today.
After watching a 15-minute segment of the movie while lying down, the
brachial artery was constricted for five minutes and then released and
ultrasound images were taken. A total of 160 blood vessel measurements
were performed before and after the laughter and mental stress phases of
the study.


The results: There were no differences in the baseline measurements of
blood vessel dilation in either the mental stress or laughter phases,
but there were striking contrasts after the movies were seen, reports
Medical News Today. Brachial artery flow was reduced in 14 of the 20
volunteers following the movie clips that caused mental stress. In
contrast, beneficial blood vessel relaxation or vasodilation was
increased in 19 of the 20 volunteers after they watched the movie
segments that generated laughter. Overall, average blood flow increased
22 percent during laughter, and decreased 35 percent during mental
stress. After watching a movie that produced mental stress, the blood
vessel lining developed a potentially unhealthy response called
vasoconstriction, which reduces blood flow. That finding confirms
previous studies, which suggested there was a link between mental stress
and the narrowing of blood vessels.


The takeaway: The magnitude of change in the blood vessels after
laughing at the funny movie was the same as would occur with aerobic
activity--but without the aches, pains, and muscle tension. "We don't
recommend that you laugh and not exercise, but we do recommend that you
try to laugh on a regular basis," said study leader Michael Miller.
"Thirty minutes of exercise three times a week, and 15 minutes of
laughter on a daily basis is probably good for the vascular system."

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