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Delgaudio And Sterling Wish Happy 100th B'Day Ron Reagan, Stabber Sentenced, budget presentation 5 p.m. today

February 7, 2011

Happy 100th Birthday to the late Ronald Reagan.

Yesterday Feb. 6 would have been Reagan's 100th birthday.

Congratulations to the Packers in the Superbowl for the first time in many years. The supporters of the Steelers say "next time". It was a very close game.

Some top news in Sterling and around the county:

Jury Sentences Sugarland Stabber Perry to 5-Year Maximum Prison Sentence

An October 2009 knife attack garnered significant media attention after local reporters discovered that the defendant had recently falsified documents to gain favorable consideration with the Court.

Anthony Lee Perry, 23, convicted in 2007 of Possession of a Controlled Substance was on felony supervision when he was brought into court having committed several probation violations.

Although the judge imposed several months for those violations, Perry asserted that he was undergoing physical therapy for an injury to his foot and needed to continue with his weekly appointments. Documents were tendered to the court to support this, and due to his medical condition, the judge allowed him to report to the jail at a later date to serve his time.

It would later be discovered by local reporters that the letters from the therapists were falsified, and the medical facility had no record of Perry as a patient. Prosecutors quickly brought Perry back before the judge with this information and the balance of his time, an additional 11 months, was imposed. Perry was also found in contempt.

It was during this time of delayed reporting that the attack occurred, and information led Sheriff's investigators to Perry, who despite giving multiple versions of what happened, ultimately admitted to his involvement that left a Sterling man bleeding and searching for help after suffering a wound to the abdomen.

"This case seemed relatively straight forward at the outset, given Perry's admissions to Investigators," said Commonwealth's Attorney Jim Plowman. "Unfortunately, technological malfunctions left us with a video recording of Perry's interview without any audio. This can obviously raise a lot of questions for a jury." The Sheriff's Office has since replaced the troubled equipment and the malfunction has not proved to have been the downfall of any case. "We were fortunate to piece the case together with a wide array of circumstantial evidence that was collected by Investigators to secure this conviction," continued Plowman.

plowman elected president

Plowman Elected President of Statewide Association of Constitutional Officers

Loudoun County Commonwealth's Attorney Jim Plowman was elected President of the Virginia Association of Local Elected Constitutional Officers (VALECO) at its 36th Annual Meeting.

VALECO is a statewide professional association of all Constitutional Officers in Virginia which includes Clerks of Circuit Court, Sheriffs, Commissioners of the Revenue, Treasurers and Commonwealth's Attorneys.
VALECO pursues legislative solutions to assist Constitutional Officers in fulfilling their duties and improving service to Virginia's citizens.

Plowman's election puts Loudoun County on a statewide stage and will allow him to better advocate for support from Richmond for vital public services which include public safety, prosecution and the courts.
"This is not only an honor to represent all of you, but also a very humbling experience as each of you are entrusting me as the leader and voice of this Association," stated Plowman as he addressed members at the luncheon.


New County Administrator Tim Hempstreet will make his first Budget Presentation at 5pm, today February 7, 2011 (instead of 4pm). The presentation is anticipated to last about 30 minutes, It will include a budget for $1.32 an increase from $1.30 as requested by the liberal majority of board members. I voted "no" to increasing the taxe rate from $1.30 and proposed looking at a tax cut reduction to $1.27. I lost that vote.

You can see the presentation on a webcast at

>>>LCSO Seeks Sterling Resident Wanted on Fairfax Rape and Sodomy Charges

The Loudoun County Sheriff's Office is assisting the Fairfax County Police Department to locate a 29-year-old man believed to frequent the Sterling area in Loudoun County. Fairfax County Police have obtained felony warrants charging Salvador Portillo-Saravia with rape and forcible sodomy.

According to Fairfax County Police, Portillo-Saravia assaulted an 8-year-old girl in a residence in the 4700 block of Cardigan Square in the Centreville area. The suspect is an acquaintance of the victim's family.

Anyone with information on Portillo-Saravia or his whereabouts is asked to call the Fairfax County Police at 703-691-2131 or contact Crime Solvers by phone at 1-866-411-TIPS (8477), by e-mail at or text TIP187 plus your message to CRIMES/274637.


Loudoun Authorities Mistakenly Released Foreign Child Raping Criminal, the Post Says

There are some who say I sometimes state too strongly or use strong words. I am quoting news sources, so please be warned. (This is one of those times.)

A much touted federal database failed to detect an illegal immigrant who is now charged with raping an eight-year-old. Police had run the man's name when he was arrested on a public intoxication charge but released him four weeks before the rape when they got no match, The Washington Post reports (at this link)

The man, Salvador Portillo-Saravia, an MS-13 gang member, had been deported in 2003. He was arrested in November in Loudoun County, Va., on public intoxication charges and police ran his name through Immigration and Customs Enforcement's Secure Communities database, received no hits and released him within 12 hours. Police alleged he raped an 8-year-old the day after Christmas and is now being sought by local police and federal marshals, the Post said


A "document mill" which provided hundreds, perhaps thousands of fraudulent IDs to illegal aliens has been shut down by the Loudoun County Sheriff's Office Gang Intelligence Unit (GIU) following execution of a search warrant in the 700 block of Giles Place in Sugarland. Four Salvadoran nationals were taken into custody.

The search warrant, served late on Friday, January 28th, resulted in the seizure of documents, computers, vehicles and cash.

Investigators found evidence of at least five-hundred (500) fraudulent documents, including work visas, driver's licenses, social security cards, permanent resident cards, work authorization cards and photographs of several hundred likely customers. Investigators also seized several computers used to make the documents, two vehicles and over $2000 in cash. There were enough materials there to make several thousand more documents.

Arrested at the scene were Santos Felipe Abrego-Archila, 37; his brother, Jose Alfredo Abrego-Archila, 35; and Jesus Orellana-Mena, 37.

Santos Abrego-Archila and Orellana-Mena were each charged with two counts of manufacturing fraudulent documents. Jose Abrego-Archila was charged with two counts of possession of fraudulent documents. Additional charges are likely.

Investigators, utilizing the 287g program, placed ICE detainers on all three. Santos Abrego-Archila and Orellana-Mena were previously deported. Jose Abrego-Archila had a temporary protective status, which had expired. The three arrestees are being held in the Loudoun County Adult Detention Center without bond.

They face a preliminary hearing later this month.
Also arrested at the scene was Ana Mirian Marroquin-Alvardo, 41, who was determined to be in the country illegally. She was not charged in relation to this case, but was detained for an immigration violation. She has since been turned over to ICE officials.
The investigation of document mills is on-going.

>>>>Final census numbers show county staff and board OFF, WAY OFF

Sterling was the most densly packed district 10 years ago. But in ten years that 20,000 citizen count must now go to 39,039 almost doubling according to the latest official count.

This is 7.6 per cent higher than staff estimates and that is subject to change based on various factors (race, neighborhoods, income, etc.) But the exercise of discussing redistricting did bring about corrections as the board is having more hearings, corrected itself in continuing to allow alternative plans and also bringing in election board staff rather than county staff.

We have a little way to go--- like exactly how to add 19,039 people to the 20,000 in Sterling Park. Exactly which neighborhoods can be added is being decided over the next 30 days and then on to a public hearing.


The U.S. Census 2010 numbers have been finally released for Virginia. Loudoun County officially has 312,311 residents, an 84.1% increase since the 2000 Census.

Virginia's redistricting data has been posted to the U.S. Census Bureau website. The Virginia Division of Legislative Services has, as a service to Virginia's jurisdictions, posted the initial county and city 2010 total population figures on its website. Loudoun County's total population is shown as 312,311.

The precinct population estimates developed by County staff for the redistricting process total 290,275. Thus it appears that Loudoun County's population is 22,036, or 7.6%, higher than staff estimates.

With the new total population figure, the balanced population for each election district would be 39,039, rather than the 36,284 figure based on staff population estimates.

The impact of this increase is expected to be different for each precinct, reflecting variations in household sizes and vacancy rates that the county staff method was not able to capture.

>>>>>Leftist Town Council To Open Herndon Up Again for Sanctuary
Pro-immigration Forces Headed to Sterling and Loudoun next?

As if the ring of forgers rounded up in Sugarland and the child raping animal (see above reports)from another culture and country is not enough, the leftist band in Herndon will reconsider one of their showcase regulations to prevent "workers" crowding the major intersections of Herndon and will allow them to block every artery leading into Herndon again.

In an ambush parliamentary move in the comments section of the agenda normally reserved for announcements, Jasbinder Singh forced a vote to put the Street Solicitation ordinance on the Feb 1 work session and Feb 8 public session, with the intent of amending or totally repealing the ordinance.

This Tuesday, Feb. 8th, starting at 7pm, is the Public Hearing in the Herndon Town Council chambers.

This will be discussed and voted on, it is item #7 on the Agenda for the Tuesday, Feb. 8 Herndon Council.

Herndon is going down a dangerous path. To return to the past of no oversight on the day labor confusion of blocking traffic and soliciting single women just driving up to a convenience store or walking by in a busy commerical area.

The motion to reverse and remove the anti-Solicitation ordinance passed with the votes of (Herndon, Virginia Councilmembers) Singh, Olem, Merkel, and Wolf. An attempt by the mayor to defer the agenda until June 2012 to allow data to be collected and sound analysis made was also voted down by the same four. The conservative Mayor and Council members Tirrell and Hutchinson bravely fought the motion,but in vain.

>>>>Gunderman Reports 1000 Volunteers On Link

As the last guests left Christ the Redeemer Catholic, Trinity Presbyterian and Herndon United Methodist on December 18th, 1,000 volunteers were able to experience God's grace in their lives. 1,417 families received assistance from LINK in November and December.
To proceed to the URL you have requested, click the Times Mirror link below:

>>>>Important Lane Closures for Next Week
Westbound I-66 Closed at Dulles Connector Road (Route 267) Overnights This Week

This is a list of roads they close for construction of Metro. Most are at 11 p.m. when we are in bed. But some are during the day.

>>>>Margi Wallo's Republican Pizza at Lucia's

Sterlings Top Republican Margi reports "Please be sociable Tuesday night (February 8th) and come to the Republican Pizza Potluck @ Lucia's (7 PM) to cheer up the dead cold dark night of winter. We share pizza and some Republican talk.

American History: 175th Anniversary of the Alamo is February 24, 2011

One of the most important American patriotic messages ever written was by the commander of a small garrison at the Alamo in Texas, William Barret Travis. Remember the Alamo. Here is the text.

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