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Eugene Delgaudio's Christmas Games, Photos and Sterling Video Classic

December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas and Seasons Greetings.

I have been to more than one church and dinner is set. I hope Santa has been good to you and your family.

He has been good to me, my family and Sterling.

I have posted 7 photos of Events that Saved Sterling

Juniper is Number 15 on "Holly's Tacky List" website

(you can also visit the other top 46 postings with addresses in Fairfax. Juniper is one of several Loudoun county listings)

Juniper Avenue is one of the wonders of the world. You know it is a landmark to Sterling and the world when the "liberal Christmas-hating W. Post" counts the lightbulbs.

There is a food donation site on Juniper Avenue. Please donate when you visit.

Visit Number 45 on the Holly's Tacky List at "902 N Sterling Blvd, Sterling"; Congratulations to all of you who posted lights.


For your listening: downloads of contemporary and traditional Christmas songs (" free and legal")

>>>Christmas Freebies. Songs. Wallpaper. Games. All online.

>>> Christmas Games For Children

Santa Claus games. Includes a visit to his house and entire website is Santa theme.

>>>More Santa Games at the North Pole.
For Older Children, Santa Checkers, Crosswords and Concentration.

See Photo:Santa Claus Is Welcomed To Sterling by Sup. Delgaudio

>>> Little Bear Cheers Up New Year's Day

Get ready for New Years. I know you will enjoy this card. It is a link to a cartoon Happy New Year celebration. You pop the baloons with your "needle" in a countdown and then the fireworks begin.

You get to set off your own firecrackers by clicking on the curser which becomes a firecracker. Good for all ages. And you can replay.,,16961_rs,00.swf


( Video) Town Hall Meeting to the Tune of Eye of The Tiger

Aliens vs. Delgaudio episode 2 is the one with the music. Always good for the holidays.

There is a series of five videos "Aliens Vs. Delgaudio" with number five featuring 4 speakers (including Howard Manas "I am mad as H. and I am not going to take it anymore")

Here's the link to Eye of Sterling video

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