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September 3, 2010

Here's the 2010 Citizens of the Year honor roll on fighting for religous freedom:

2000 citzens who signed the 2009 petition to save Christmas

866 current 2010 signers of the Petition to save Christmas And other Displays

200 citizens who came to the December 2009 meeting and 2010 July meeting

Estimated 200 citizens who will come to Tuesday September 7 public input.

Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli who issued a five page opinion to keep our freedoms.

Delegate Bob Marshal, former U.S. Senate candidate who asked for the AG opinion.

Former Delegate Dick Black for speaking out.

Councilman Ken Reid for holding the Jewish Menorah up, proudly, in solidarity.

The Welsh family for erecting the nativity.

Barbara Curtis for alerting the entire nation on her blog

Will you join the Honor Roll?

Will the refrain be "Remember the Bulldozing of the Nativty" or will it be

"The Nativity and Our Freedom Still Stand"

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