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How To Determine If Your Loudoun County Property Is IN "R P A"

May 20, 2010

Remember and bear in mind that all property owners in the Resource Management Area (RMA) will be required to pay permit fees up to $5500. This is fifty per cent of the entire land mass.

The RMA is different from the RPA.

This method below is to determine if you are in the more restrictive Resource Protection Area (RPA) and the $5500 permit fee is just a starter in terms of costs, fees and "mitigation" as a result any land disturbance.
There are 13 steps to find the extent of Resource Protection Areas on your property. Here they are:

  1. Click on "Assessments/Parcels" under e-Services

  1. Click on box "Yes" at bottom

  1. Click on circle "Property Address"

  1. Put your address in empty box (do not use "Road")

  1. Click box "Submit"

  1. Click on "Map It"

  1. Click "Yes" box

  1. Click on "Map Layers" on top left tab

  1. Click on "Land Records" box

  1. Click on "Environmental"

  1. Click box for "Buildings" and for "Draft RPA Screening Tool"

  1. Click on "Apply" oval at bottom left. Tan areas are your resource protection areas that require preservation. Dots are buildings.

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