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February 8, 2010

Thank you for the feedback on what is going on around Sterling.

Congressman Wolf had to cancel his birthday party. Sterling Rescue re-scheduled its 45 anniversary banquet tonight. And we all are checking batteries, blankets, and flashlights.


Please allow plows to plow. Please clear snow off of your car. Please clear fire hydrants. Please help your neighbor.

Here is the latest in response to questions.


As I wrote you earlier, primary roads are getting attention from VDOT crews today and Sunday.

Vdot has said they can only do primary roads today and will not get to secondary roads until much later. Crews must sleep tonight. You are seeing crews from around the state arrive through the night but they need to get some sleep too. Snow is coming Tuesday night, so there will be secondary roads that will not see a plow at all "until Wednesday" (see report from Delegate Rust below).


If you are one of the secondary roads that have gotten plowed, congratulations because you are special.(I know who some of you are also). I am monitoring the hard work of many workers in the streets pushing snow thanks to many of you who are writing me and telling me. Thank you.

Sadly, I have been told many of you are not going to see a plow due to the high volumn of snow.


Delegate Tom Rust tells me "I wanted to give you this emergency update based on my conference call with Governor McDonnell on the state of emergency in Virginia. He noted that the effects of the storm will be with us for days and even weeks. It is vitally important to stay off the roads for the next couple of days for safety reasons.

Secretary of Transportation says "DO NOT DRIVE".

Because of the extraordinary snowstorm, it will most likely take them several days to get to the secondary roadways. (In an email I just received from VDOT, it will be Monday before they can make inroads to the subdivisions, and if your street hasn't seen a plow/sander by Wednesday, you are urged to dial 703-383-VDOT)

500 national guard are deployed in Virgina...." unquote (five are on duty right now in Loudoun at the EOC (see below)

Dominion Power Outages

I am in contact with Dominion Virginia Power at 1-888-667-3000 to report outages or downed power lines.

Over 250,000 Virginians and parts of Sterling Park including Chairman York and my neighborhood have gone out for a few minutes or as many as several hours.

Be prepared to lose power. The company is working to restore electricity.

This is a link to the power company statement on current outages.

This is the website of Dominion Power to see the outage areas (most of Loudoun!)


The county administrator Tim Hempstreet is working at the Loudoun County Emergency Operations Center at


Write that number down. Call it if you run out of power and get cold and need to be rescued. If it is urgent, dial 911 but if you just need food and shelter, call the Emergency Operations Center.

This is not the case now but if you observe or become aware of a situation in your neighborhood, this should answer the question "what should you do?" or "who should you call" in the coming week.

There are presently only a handful of cases in the county but if the situation worsens the county is prepared with shelter at an area high school and has set up cots to keep a large number of people warm.

Fire, Safety, Schedules and other county advice during the storm

Loudoun Public Safety Officials Offer Winter Safety Reminders

(Young People or Family Section) Snow Storm Game

We are all shoveling and we have been cheering the snow plows (big or small) so now you can drive your own snow plow.

I have played it and the graphics are excellent.It shows how a snow plow pushes snow in a game. You can play it while we have electricity at least.

Snow Plow Game 2

This is a hard game to play and has cheap graphics but tell me if you can drive this truck. I could not.

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