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January 14, 2010

>>>US Red Cross is out of medical supplies in Haiti

Associated Press reports:A spokesman for the American Red Cross says the aid organization has run out of medical supplies in Haiti.

Red Cross spokesman Eric Porterfield said Wednesday that the small amount of medical equipment and medical supplies that were available in Haiti has been distributed.

The Red Cross is sending more medical supplies to Haiti, but Porterfield says he does not know when they will arrive.

Red Cross officials have said they will send $1 million in aide immediately and will send more based on response.

Porterfield says he doesn't know if the depletion of medical supplies is preventing victims in critical condition from being treated.

A devastating earthquake struck the Caribbean nation on Tuesday.

Please donate to local Churches. Many denominations have a house or headquarters there. Catholic Charities and the Xavarian Brothers host orphanages throughout Haiti

This is a detailed USGS map of the earthquake

To donate to the American Red Cross

Text Message Fundraising Nets Red Cross $800,000 as of 3 p.m. today,8599,1953528,00.html

Watchdogs on Alert for Haiti Charity Fraud

The FBI issued a statement today warning donors to ignore spam emails asking for donations and encouraged skepticism if they are contacted by survivors asking for money. The FBI suggests donating to well-known organizations and avoiding giving out any personal or financial information. The FBI says it is already investigating a fraudulent charitable request related to Haiti.

As pleas for money to assist victims of the Haitian earthquake pour in across the internet, watchdogs are keeping an eye out for fraudsters looking to exploit (Sterling) Americans' desire to help.

Already, charitable experts tell CBS News that links on Google posing as Haitian charities are in fact links to malicious software sites. Other fake charities appear to have popped up on Craigslist just hours after the quake, according to the internet security experts at Websense, Inc..

CBS TV Affiliate "FBI Warns of Scams"

For the Local Charity Scene in Sterling.

>>>Show Your Heart for Our Military Heroes; Get a Free Chick-fil-A® Chicken Sandwich

Freedom Alliance, a national non-profit organization based in Dulles, Virginia, which supports and honors the U.S. military, is partnering with local Chick-fil-A ® restaurants for a Valentine's Day "Gifts from Home" care package drive for our deployed troops.

Beginning Friday January 15, customers are asked to pick up a care package box(es) and instructions from the Sterling Chick-fil-A®, collect needed items, and return the filled box(es) to the Sterling Chick-fil-A® location unsealed.

Each box will then be collected by Freedom Alliance and mailed to troops in Iraq and Afghanistan for Valentine's Day. Participants who drop off a full box will receive a FREE Chick-fil-A® Chicken Sandwich!

Who: Freedom Alliance & local Chick-fil-A® restaurants
What: "Gifts from Home" care package drive for troops serving in Iraq and Afghanistan
When: January 15- February 6, 2010

Sugarland Crossing FSU Chick-fil-A® 46920 Community Plaza (by the Shoppers and Burlington Coat Factory)
Sterling, VA 20164

Most requested items include: toiletries, pre-paid international calling cards, non-perishable snacks, magazines, books, movies, personal notes and letters, protein/energy bars, and baby wipes.
To learn more about this exciting project, please contact Alan Moore at (703) 444-7940. Or write

Call Alan if you can volunteer during family nights or Saturdays to help too.

Pat Herrity Running For Congress in 11th District.

Pat Herrity announced he is running for Congress: "The Federal Government is on a dangerous and unsustainable course. Congress should be focused on reigning in out of control spending, lowering taxes, and creating jobs. Instead, Congress is focused on advancing an out of touch, liberal government based agenda that is only making the situation worse."

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