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Sterling Tsunami Relief

January 7, 2005


I hope you will join me and other Sterling citizens, students and neighbors in supporting Delegate Dick Black & W. Kirkpatrick Harris at the Kirkpatrick's Irish Pub and Family Grille.

You are Invited to attend a Tsunami Disaster Relief Fundraiser With Special Guests Former Redskin Players Charles Mann Tony McGee this Saturday night, January 8, 2005 From 7:00 - 9:00pm

At Kirkpatrick's Irish Pub and Family Grille 44050 Ashburn Village Blvd Ashburn, VA (phone)703-724-9801

No RSVP Is Necessary....Featuring a live auction of Redskins Memorabilia and other great items.

100% of dinner and auction profits will be donated to the Salvation Army's Tsunami Relief Fund (SATRF.) Cash/check donations in addition to your meal are also welcome.

If you are unable to attend the fundraiser but would like to donate to the Salvation Army's Tsunami Relief Fund you can make checks payable to Salvation Army Tsunami Relief Fund (SATRF) and mail them to Fidelity Bank, c/o Salvation Army Tsunami Relief Fund, P.O. Box 105075, Atlanta, GA 30348-5075.

Please feel free to forward this message to anyone that might be interested in helping Tsunami victims.


Rep. Frank Wolf (R-VA), chairman of the House Appropriations subcommittee that oversees the budget of the Department of Commerce, yesterday asked the secretary of Commerce to identify resources in the department's fiscal year 2005 spending plan that can be reprogrammed to help develop a comprehensive tsunami prediction and warning system for the United States.


BUSH-CHENEY INAUGURAL - A list of official Inaugural events is available at For an updated list of additional Rallies, State Society Events & Balls, see Also, since a number of radical left-wing groups will be protesting on January 20th, Jim Parmelee's will be helping's PRO-BUSH counter-protest at the Navy Memorial at 7th & Pennsylvania Avenue, NW during the parade!

>>>SILENT VISITORS to the Pentagon >>>Observer Writes and Reports To Sterling

They came in single file, about 50 of them. Silent ambassadors, to tell us who they were. They moved at a slow pace, passing us for over 20 minutes. Some walked, while others pushed their wheelchairs as best they could. Some were helped along on crutches by their wives or sweethearts.

They were escorted front and rear by U.S. Marines in dress blue uniform.

I have never seen prouder Marines.

The Amputee Ward from Walter Reed Army Medical Center visited the Pentagon today. I was there.

Some wore looks of resolution, pride, or dignity. Many had prosthetic devices where limbs used to be. All of them wore looks of surprise.

We, the 26,000 employees of the Pentagon, lined both sides of the A ring (the inner ring of the Pentagon) to watch them pass and welcome them with thunderous applause. Half a mile they walked through a gauntlet of grateful fellow citizens two and three deep, who reached out to shake the hands of the remaining good arms, or grasp the remaining fingers of hands that have given ultimate service. They walked through us to the main concourse, where they were met by the Army Band and color guard playing marshal music for them, and where the mall was filled with additional people who swelled the applause.

Many of us just called out loudly, Thank You, because we didn't know what else could be said; thank you for your service to us. The applause never stopped.

None of them spoke. They just cried. So did we.

It was the closest I have been to Christmas in a long time. (end of report).

More Tsunami Relief Effort Information... >>> National Tsunami Relief Effort

This past Monday morning President Bush announced that former Presidents Bush -and Clinton - will head a nationwide charitable effort to help those affected by the tsunami disaster. Please consider donating what you can to those charities helping with the effort. For more information on donating visit the USA Freedom Corps Web site at

There is a long list of charities helping to get food, water and other assistance to the tsunami victims. Americans know from our own catastrophes, such as the Florida hurricanes this past fall, the important role charities play in the rebuilding effort and that any and all help is appreciated.

Please visit to see what you can do to help the tsunami victims. Forward this link to family.

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