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November 5, 2009

I stood and greeted many of you all day Tuesday and some of you saw me over the last few days putting up 100s of signs (they are coming down).

On Wednesday I attended an all day meeting of the board of supervisors and only now have had time to write you.

Thank you to the 900 of you who signed petitions to the board of supervisors to pass enforceable restrictions on the use of lawns as parking lots in Sterling and Loudoun. Add this to the 300 citizens who signed at STerlingfest and that's 1,200 of Sterling citizens who agree on this needed improvment which comes up at the December public hearing.

It was important for Gov-elect Bob McDonnell, Lt.Gov-elect Bill Bolling and AG elect Ken Cuccinelli to win this election. They stood for reduced government spending, reduced taxes and regulations and against socialist policies.

Our own delegate Tom Rust and right to life hero Bob Marshall were re-elected. Tag Greason piled up a 3,000 vote margin to beat the incumbent and Jim LeMunyon beat out incumbent liberal Chuck Caputo. Former Wolf aide Barbara Comstock took an open seat from the nearby Great Falls area. Some new conservative voices.

A message was sent by you to President Barack Obama in the White House, to Congress and to the local Loudoun Board of Supervisors with their victory.

I hope they all hear this message and slow down. I was told over and over again to hold the line on spending, to resist the takeover of the private sector by the federal government, and to oppose tax increases. Even after this repudiation of liberal mismanagement in both major parties, I hope the liberal leadership that runs the national and local governments heed this message. I am prepared if they choose to ignore it and will not rest.

Thank you for taking the time to go to the polls and make the sacrifice of time and trust to this entire ticket. I believe it marks the beginning of a return to balance in what has been a one party control of all levels of government and now provides some relief to the painful increases in taxing and spending in Richmond.


On October 26, the Northern Virginia Regional Gang Task Force released its Comprehensive Gang Assessment: 2003-2008, summarizing gang trends over the last five years. Congressman Frank Wolf said "I am pleased to report that our region is making progress in the fight against violent gangs - with gang crimes down 17 percent since the creation of the task force in 2003, when funding was first secured for the unit."

This great news follows a similar report on the decrease in violent crimes in Sterling and Loudoun. To obtain and read a copy of the 68 page report please go to this link.


It was because over a thousand Sterling citizens decided to get out and demand improvements. Starting with the "county outreach" in the Spring of 2008 and again with the shootings in May 2008, many Sterling citizens attended meetings and mobilized to make known their demands for improvements.

Following the shooting incidents, the county, state and federal resources responding to our requests were followed by continued partnership and massive participation by Sterling citizens. Over one dozen crime related meetings, training sessions and the formation of now 21 neighborhood watches encouraged the Sheriff and his deputies and many other law enforcement officers to come to Sterling and work harder.

There was a 200 per cent increase (from 85 to 185) in the number of illegal alien criminals delivered to ICE and an increase in assistance from the county staff and county board of supervisors. The constant progress on the building of the new sheriff's substation and the regular sobriety check points and automobile safety checks on the street by deputies were also well received.

We still have a way to go. But most everybody can now agree as we close this year there is an improvement.


Yes, I did go to the rally against socialized health in Washington and have posted a short video of conservative Mark Levin's speech.(2 minutes)
This is the entire Mark Levin speech (7 minutes) now posted also

Message from Senator Ken Cuccinelli, Now AG

"I am honored to have been elected Attorney General by the people of Virginia. My goal as AG will be to serve all the people of the Commonwealth"

Message from Delegate Tom Rust to Citizens

Delegate Rust asked me to tell you these words:

"I am honored that the citizens of the 86th District have elected me to continue as your Delegate - Thank You! It was a long a difficult campaign, but I'm thankful to everyone who supported me, especially the volunteers who worked countless hours - we couldn't have done it without you! I also want to thank my wife (and biggest fan), Ann, who shared many sleepless nights with me."

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