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Angels Respond With Help

November 21, 2009


I have written you all about the lack of food for the poor of Sterling available from LINK the service group which has 17 member churches in Sterling and Herndon.

This note of happiness from a board member of LINK:

(quote) "As much as we talked about how low the pantry looked (empty), how nice it was to see the pantry tonight with items on all shelves....."today alone" from member churches were 160 bags donated. With all the quiet angels who help everything is put away and the shelves look good this evening. I have never lost faith that our churches come through at just the right time.... our faith and Our Lord watching over us LINK will always pull through. A job well done to all those "Quiet Angels" that keep the LINK pantry going. " (unquote)

The LINK Board voted to increase the number of families helped by 20% to a record number of 650 (note: with children, you are helping 7,000 people).

LINK On November 21st, LINK's clients will receive food for 5 to 7 days and winter clothing.

On December 19th, LINK's clients will receive food for 5 - 7 days and toys. Our goal is to have over 60,000 pounds of food, 3,200 toys, 1,200 coats, and 600 pounds of frozen meat from the Hunters for the Hungry program donated. We will also be seeking over 500 volunteers who will help make this enormous task manageable.

Please volunteer today for food distribution today if you can at these locations:

Saturday November 21, 2009

For Winter Coat Distribution, 8 am - 2 pm Location: Sterling United Methodist Church (304 East Church Road, Sterling, Virginia 20164)

For Food Distribution, 8 am - 2 pm

Christ the Redeemer Catholic Church (46833 Harry Byrd Highway, Sterling, VA 20164)
Trinity Presbyterian (651 Dranesville Road, Herndon, VA 20170)


There will be another distribution on Saturday, December 19 To help in December call LINK now at 703-437-4409 or send an email to


I am attending the Kesari Jewelry Store Dedication and will write again.

I will write later today about zoning enforcement on Saturdays (new) and parking on lawns and the board deciding (4 yes, 3 no, 2 absent for the vote) to disband future improvements on Route 28.

And I will tell you about a special must attend event JANUARY 7, 2010. Save that date please.

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