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G3 Open House Tonight

October 23, 2009

I writing you all the time about many things. Lately I have been busy with meetings. I have to thank a lot of you for all the work you do and the sacrifices you make for your families and for Sterling.

Tonight I will thank a very special volunteer, Greg Stone, who has invested many hours over the years to help Sterling and Loudoun. Greg has started a private self-defense group. I will be there to thank Greg for his work.

I am grateful to Greg. I would like you to join me. There is free food of course.

When : Friday, October 23rd
Time: Anytime between 6 and 8:30 pm
Where: 15 Douglas Court, Suite 2A ( Second Floor ), Sterling, VA 20166

Directions:From Sterling go down Sterling Blvd. left on Shaw Road (before Route 28), make a left at Burger King onto Route 606. Then make a left at Douglas Court about a 1/4 mile (landmark D and B Rental and motercycle shop. Go down almost to the ned of Douglas Court on the left. Brick Building.

There will be some Subway sandwiches, light fare and bubbley soda. There are some mystery celebrities coming. Greg has denied that former VP candidate Sarah Palin is coming.

G3 Security Group will be providing NRA Certified Firearms Instruction. He will be teaching courses developed by the NRA, as well as those developed by G3 geared toward concealed carry of a firearm. All courses will emphasize proper firearms handling, safety, shooting fundamentals and the responsibilities of gun ownership and use.

For the future, call Greg at 703-437-8111 or visit


Monrroy is leading an army of young volunteers to help Republicans in Sterling. He is a future elected official for sure.

Michael Monrroy, is a graduate of Park View High School in Sterling, a former intern of Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio's succesful re-election campaign, and now the President of the American University College Republicans (AUCRs) in Washington DC. AU also happens to be the #1 most politically active college campus in the United States according to Princeton Review.

Monrroy brought The Honorable Jim Gilmore, the former Governor of Virginia to an audience of AUCRs.

The topic of his speech was titled, "Conservative solutions in the age of Obama".

**All donations to the American University College Republicans (a 501(c)3 organization) are fully tax deductible. Donate today:

The three Republican candidates for statewide office - Bob McDonnell for governor, Bill Bolling for lieutenant governor and Ken Cuccinelli for attorney general - are running strong, ahead in the polls and gathering more support as each day passes.

I will keep you posted about them but Greg and Michael are part of the reason, along with many of you reading this, that these candidates are doing so well right now.

Both Greg and Michael have stood out and spoke out when there were some very dark days in the past.

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