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Happy New Year

January 1, 2005

>>> Little Bear Cheers Up New Year's Day

I just got this sent to me. The subscriber who sent it is a world class
civic leader. I know you will enjoy it. It is quite a wonderful link to
a cartoon Happy New Year celebration. You pop the baloons with your
"needle" in a countdown and then the fireworks begin. You get to set off
your own firecrackers by clicking on the curser which becomes a
firecracker. Good for all ages. And you can replay the game.,,16961_rs,00.swf


I thought this might be down, but it is still up. I played the game with
the children throughout the Pre-Christmas time and we are still playing
it. Santa needs help delivering presents (getting boxes down the
chimneys) and every single country is listed by name a population. Very
educational from a geography point of view. Use caution as Santa has
some surprise moves involving fireworks.

>>> Board of Supervisors Meets Tuesday

The board of supervisors is meeting on Tuesday, January 4 at 9:30 a.m.
There will be pubic comment at 9:30 a.m. and then a re-organization
"vote" in which the board will likely re-install MOST of the rules
passed last year with some slight adjustments. Last week, Bruce Tulloch
proposed that he still have all the powers of the chairman, but Jim
Burton, Scott York and Sally Kurtz will each be put on standing
committees. Bruce proposes putting Burton on the Finance Committee and I
do not mind puting up with Jim Burton's amazing ability to claim being
both conservative and acting like a big spending liberal at the same time.


I will continue the tradition of welcoming the state legislators in the
Board room for their pre-legislative Town Meeting at 7 p.m. Thursday,
January 6. The Board of supervisors room is on the ground floor of the
County government building in Leesburg. The legislators are Senators
Bill Mims and Russ Potts, Delegates Dick Black, Bob Marshall, Gary
Reese, Joseph May and Tom Rust (Tom Rust will be late due to a
previously scheduled fundraiser, No. Va. Realtors offices at 520 Huntmar
Park Drive in Herndon at 6:30 p.m.). The Town meeting will last as long
as there are people to speak. Sometimes there are 6 people. Sometimes 40.

Bear in mind that there is a $900,000,000 surplus due to last year's tax
increase passed by a pro-tax increase majority and Governor. So if you
want them to spend the surplus, or return the surplus with tax relief,
now is the time to express your opinion.
Liberals want to a. spend the surplus and b. increase taxes even more.


In a letter, Senator Ken Cuccinelli compares these pro-tax increase
state legislators to the Pirates in the movie, "Pirates of the
Caribbean". Cuccinelli quotes the pirate code of conduct "Take what you
can, give nothing back." Senator Ken told me " it seems to also
function as the liberal taxation motto."

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