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Important Message From Delegate Bob Marshall

October 7, 2009

I normally don't email requests for financial support, but my social liberal democrat opponent has received enough money to mail six brochures already! I'm getting out my first district-wide mailer next week!

While I am an economic conservative, it has been my legislative success as a social conservative which has drawn fire and money from the left.

My opponent has raised $229,000, while I raised $100,000. He will likely receive much more in the coming weeks. I have no choice but to appeal to you for help!

Mark Warner has been busy raising money for my opponent!

You may recall I was the only elected state official to stand up in court to block a General Assembly scheme to tax Virginians by appointed, unelected officials. We won that case 7-0 in 2008 in the Virginia Supreme Court.

Please take a minute and go to my website and make a secure online donation. Or, if you prefer, please send to "Friends of Bob Marshall" PO Box 421, Manassas, VA 20108.

As a fiscal conservative, you know I will spend your donation frugally!

After 18 years in the General Assembly, I have not lost hope! "We the people" must be willing to persevere and continue to defend our constitutional rights of life, liberty and property. I will continue to speak out on your behalf with your help! Thank you for whatever you can donate at this critical time!




Delegate Bob Marshall

(703) 853-4213.

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