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Hatrick Caves To Obama

September 6, 2009


I wrote you earlier tonight that Loudoun County will not have President Obama address students the first day of school this Tuesday.

Superintendent Ed Hatrick has caved in to President Obama and his allies, the unions and special interests.

I have now learned the President will indeed address Loudoun students on the first day of school in Loudoun.


The hour is late but the implications are clear. Due to the sudden change of policy, parents should be alerted immediately.

If you have a neighbor with children please call them ASAP. Or foreward this notice to them and then call them on the phone.

If you do not wish your child to be part of the Obama Address, there is a notice coming out and a procedure to follow.

As a taxpayer, if you wish to write the school board, the email address to reach the 9 member School board, and Superintendent Ed Hatrick is

(repeat to reach all 9 members of the school board, write

Our Sterling School board member Warren Geurin does NOT like this idea of the President of the United States greeting students on the first day of school.

The School board meets Tuesday night to discuss this, and could act to stop this in the future or in cases where classroom teachers are showing the Presidential message later in the week.

>>Regarding Middle and High School Students

According to Dr. Hatrick at this time: he "wants everybody to hear the president and they "should" hear the president"(sic)

Quoting Hatrick ".... please be assured that middle and high school students will be given the opportunity to view or not to view the speech whenever it is shown in their schools."

Regarding Elementary School Children

"....parents of elementary students will receive at least one day's notice before the President's speech is shared with students and will be told the explicit procedures to follow if they do not wish their children to be part of the viewing."

Instructions have been sent to principals "In elementary schools, parents should receive at least one day's notice that the President's speech will be shared with students so that there is ample time for an "opt out" request to be registered with the school." That one day is MONDAY A NATIONAL HOLIDAY WHEN SCHOOL IS OUT.

Translation: you get an email and if you don't quickly respond your child will hear Obama Tuesday.


This is the Loudoun County School website where Dr. Hatrick posts his complete and total reversal


That is not the issue. Presidents address special populations all the time. And messages from many Presidents have been directed to students.

I am not surprised Dr. Hatrick has caved to The Big Liberal in the White House. I am surprised that the powerful Loudoun School superintendent will say anthing to appease and hail something he condemned previously.

No American president has ever required the nation's school districts to listen to him on the first day of school. This is similar to a third world country like North Korea, Iran or Cuba.

And no president has used the threat of loss of federal funds or used the Department of Education in Washington to direct the use of a Dept of Education proffered curriculum to obey, follow or help the President's policies as this President has done in this instance.

No president has ever directed or ochestrated a personal address to the nation's young children without parental permisson either. A presidential visit to a school with news coverage of a segment of the speech is the norm. Parents have plenty of time to express their wishes and administrators have time to follow the parents wishes.

You and I have 24 hours to make sure parents wishes are followed in this case. That's why I have to institute this Obama Child Alert.

If you wish to express yourself to me please write me at or hit reply and tell me your opinion.

I am not in any way objecting to a president speaking his mind to adults.

But using his bully pulpit to command without notice and require attendence to an address directed to young children must be met with protest and opposition by an enraged and informed citizenry. And this unexpected caving into the White House by Dr. Hatrick effecs Sterling and Loudoun students and is a low point for our country.

If you wish to write the school board, the email address to reach the School board, and Superintendent Ed Hatrick is

The email to write the entire board of supervisors is

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