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July 19, 2009


There was a murder last night in Lowes Island in the Sugarland District. The two suspects are in custody and a story has been posted at Loudoun Independent online.

Two men have been charged with second-degree murder in Lowes Island shooting that took the life of a 19-year-old man.

Guillermo A. Alvarado, 20, of Berryville, VA and Rasheed L. Nurse, 26, of Herndon, VA, are currently being held at the Loudoun County Adult Detention Center without bond. Both were charged with Second Degree Murder, in Violation of Virginia State Code Section 18.32.

>>>News and Video: Lowes Island Party Ends Fatally
(Crystal Delgaudio, my daughter, was one of the first reporters on the scene and in this report you get on-site details).


For over a year I am vigilant in a variety of ways to work with law enforcement and to bring resources here to Sterling to fight crime.

I continue to seek ways to combat crime in Sterling and equip Sterling citizens with the knowledge and information needed to best protect themselves. Following the attempted abduction of an eighteen year old girl a few days ago in Sterling at the Sterling Park Mall, I am working on several efforts to introduce the women of Sterling some elements of self-defense and assault prevention.



I am organizing a Sterling Women's Self-Defense Mini-Seminar which will be a information and demonstration session on Saturday morning August 1 from 9:30-11:30 A.M. at the Sterling Community Center.

The agenda for this meeting will include lectures/presentations by individuals from private and public organizations.

I have asked several agencies and companies and they have committed to come.

Law enforcement and private self defense groups will converge Saturday August 1st. Please come if you wish to be introduced to a variety of options regarding wowen's self defense.

Seating is limited to 150, so please call or email me that you are coming at

Hit Reply and say I am coming with ( # ) friends.

Or call 703-771-5819 my office for more information. The staff will assist you.

Among the participants: Loudoun County Sheriff's Department, -Gold's Gym (lecture and demonstration re. women's safety/self-defense) - Personal Defense and Gun safety instructors -Virginia Attorney General's Office and at least one federal agency with specilists in women's defense.

Tables will be set up with information re. the lectures/programs discussed by the speakers. People will have an opportunity to pick up info (i.e., brochures) and ask the speakers questions. Free Admission.



Deputy Spurlock is back with his Community Policing Event later from 1 to 3 p.m. on Saturday Aug 1 at the Community Center. It is a Power Point presentation for all Sterling residents with video and audio of 911 dispatch.

This will train residents what to look for regarding a potential incident and also helpful for teaching residents how to relay relevant information to the deputies assigned to a case. Free Admission.

>>>>ADVANCE NOTICE-2nd Week of September

The Loudoun County Sheriff's Department will hold a women's self-defense course the second week in September with a limit of 140 participants. This course will be at the police academy by Route 28. I will get more details as they become available.


Exactly what is going on and what happened to our zoning inspectors?

A concern I have relates to zoning enforcement. At the February 17th Board of Supervisors Meeting, Supervisor Burke, Supervisor Burton, Supervisor Kurtz, Supervisor Waters, and Chairman York voted in favor of a motion to task two zoning enforcement employees with the removal of illegal signs from V-DOT right-of-ways.

So now instead of responding to overcrowding or other zoning problems in Eastern Loudoun, the zoning inspectors have been spending a portion of their time removing signs for realtors who place signs to sell houses in Loudoun, church signs and yard sale signs.

Five supervisors including Chairman York and Eastern Loudoun Republican Lori Waters voted to stop "popsicle signs" ( realtors) from selling their houses ---in a down market when our only hope is for houses to be sold and not foreclosed on.

I fear that this decision has resulted in less zoning enforcement in Sterling due to the loss of two zoning enforcement personnel. To me, this is an example of how Sterling is being ignored and how the county supervisors sometimes get a different result from "protecting the viewshed and the scenic view."

This is contrary to the promise that the Board would make up for a lack of caring about illegal aliens with ZONING ENFORCEMENT!

Its a temporary "kidnapping" that we need to rescue these poor zoning inspectors who need to be fighting overcrowding in Sterling and Eastern Loudoun and not removing popsicle signs on Loudoun roads.

The issue comes up Tuesday for a vote. Does the board make permanent the kidnapping of 2 zoning enforcement inspectors from Eastern Loudoun to pull down real estate, church and yard sale signs?

Your opportunity to comment is on Monday night at 6:30 p.m. in the board room. There is no public comment on Tuesday the day of the board meeting. Or you can write all nine supervisors at


Happy Face Kids Charity is having a Family Fun Fest to raise funds for children and families with Down Syndrome. The Fun Fest will be on Saturday, July 25 from 10am to 2pm in the parking lot at Sam's Club in Sterling, VA (45425 Dulles Crossing Plaza). There will be children's games, a spinning prize wheel, food and other fun activities. Come on out and join in the fun!!

>>>Delegate Tom Rust Survey Results

Delegate Rust gave a survey out at the July 1 meeting at Park View High School cosponsored by Congressman Frank Wolf, Chairman Scott York and Eugene Delgaudio and here are some statistics from the meeting:

Average concern about Gang Violence: 8.8 (on a scale of 1 to 10)
Average effectiveness of the government's response at all levels: 6.7 (on a scale of 1 to 10)
Percentage that have been or know victims of gang violence: 23.6%
Percentage who found the Town Hall Meeting useful: 83.3%
Percentage who would attend another Meeting: 94.4%


The Dulles location of Capital Ju-Jitsu offers free classes for women from 6-7 p.m. on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Attend only one free class before committing to a program.


Selected G & PG movies start at 10AM each Tuesday and Wednesday during the festival. First-come, first-served seating is limited to theatre capacity, so don't be late.

07/21/2009-07/22/2009 Kit Kittredge: American Girl (G)
Spiderwick Chronicles (PG)

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