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March 9, 2009

Spring Forward Sunday (you lost an hour, but it will be lighter "later" every night from now on. Until Fall.

A reminder to Spring Forward this week! Daylight Saving Time began Sunday, March 8th. While setting your clocks forward, don't forget to change your smoke alarm batteries.

>>>Fire Last Night in South Sterling

Everybody Okay over in a Townhouse on Tottenham Court in South Sterling off of Greenthorne Avenue in the Newberry Section. A fire started 10 p.m. Saturday night on the top level and was put out by responding Firefighters. I visited to thank the volunteers.


Two days after St. Patricks Day, on Thursday, March 19 at 7 p.m. the office of Supervisor Delgaudio will conduct a teleconference Town Hall meeting. I will call you on the phone and you will ask you to answer the phone. If you have time and can punch a button, you will join the call. If you have a question to ask, punch another button. That's it.

All questions can be answered in order. I will give a short five to 7 minute summary of the progress being made on projects in Sterling, budget discussions and community concerns and then open up to questions.

And you don't have to leave your house.

I am trying a new technology here. For years I have been going door to door, going to meetings with HOAs, schools and calling on the phone. Electronic mail gets a lot done too. Now, its teleconference or Telephone Town Halls.

Let's try that.

>>>Procedure for Teleconference

If I have called you in the past, then I should have your phone number somewhere. To make sure or to refer a friend for this Sterling Supervisor Teleconference, hit reply and give me your name and phone number in the subject heading with the words "Call (your name) (your area code and phone number).

Thanks. Then I will make sure you get the call Thursday March 19.

If you have technical or other questions about this please call by telephone 703-771-5189 and ask a member of my staff in Leesburg about it.


You might take for granted the pro-life license plate you buy and display on your automobile. Thousands pay extra for that with the money going to Crisis Pregnancy centers throughout the state of Virginia.

But pro-abortion liberals tried to kill the bill. Senator Ken Cuccinelli sent out constant reports on his efforts to defend this important fundraising tool for saving babies in Virginia. The bill was attacked and separated in committee from other license plates and their respective charities.

Ken gave a rousing speech on the floor and then reported to his pro-life friends:

Quote "Yesterday, I amended the omnibus license plate bill to add the Choose Life license plate. The vote was 20-19 to adopt my amendment. They don't get much closer than that!"

That is a summary of the consistent leadership that this candidate for Attorney General has led many times. He never gives up and takes the lead in close battles. That's why I ask you to be a Cuccinelli delegate to the Republican Convention May 30.

>>>Convention Delegate Deadline.

Even though the convention is May 30 you have to fill out a form before the March 14 deadline approaching.

You need to get the form filed by Saturday March 14.

The Republican State Convention is Saturday May 30 at the Ricmond Convention Center in Richmond, Va.

Liberals, as always, will attempt to steal the election and it is up to each of us to make sure that does not happen by attending and voting for Senator Ken Cuccinelli.

Info on GOP meetings and deadlines

This is a pdf file and you must fill it out.

Fill out the form and then bring it to me, call me to pick it up, email me to pick it up or get it filed yourself by 6 p.m. Saturday March 14. Suzanne Volpe is collecting and filing these forms also at 703-406-6147.

>>>>>Budget Process.

The board had public hearings and would you be surprised to hear that most of the people coming out asked to raise your taxes? Yes. One school board member told supervisors it was 99 to 1 for increased spending.

Nevertheless, I responded by stating on the record that Sterling citizens are scraping by on keeping their jobs or working extra jobs and believe Supervisors should know that everybody is experiencing a tough time during the economic bad times.

The Board must lower the tax rate and reduce spending and not just keep things "even" or at the same spending level and quit right there. Some supervisors expressed the sentiment that just keeping spending at the same level was "painful" enough for "everybody".

Some supervisors disagreed with me that spending reductions and reducing taxes was not possible.

The board of supervisors will return to work sessions on the budget this week and throughout March.


Exactly what is going on and what happened to our zoning inspectors?

A concern I have relates to zoning enforcement. At the February 17th Board of Supervisors Meeting, Supervisor Burke, Supervisor Burton, Supervisor Kurtz, Supervisor Waters, and Chairman York voted in favor of a motion to task two zoning enforcement employees with the removal of illegal signs from V-DOT right-of-ways.

So now instead of responding to overcrowding or other zoning problems in Eastern Loudoun, the zoning inspectors will be spending a portion of their time removing signs for realtors who place signs to sell houses in Western Loudoun.

I fear that this decision may result in less zoning enforcement in Sterling due to the loss of two zoning enforcement personnel. To me, this is an example of how Sterling is being ignored and how the county supervisors sometimes get a different result from "protecting the viewshed and the scenic view.

Its a temporary "kidnapping" that we need to rescue these poor zoning inspectors who need to be fighting overcrowding in Sterling and Eastern Loudoun and not removing popsicle signs in Western Loudoun.

>>>>New Legislation passed by both houses.
>>> Graffiti Vandals Must Pay Up
>>> Loiterers On Streets Must Move On

Both these new legislative ideas require the Governor's signature. So tell the governor to sign them right away.

The bill on Graffiti makes it possible to require criminals to pay for the damage they do once they are caught. And companies or businesses that refuse to remove Graffiti pay a penalty for refusing to clean it up. There is at least one company that refuses to clean up

There is legislation allowing Loudoun to outlaw or eliminate Peddlers and loiterers on our public streets. These people storm our cars at traffic lights and distract drivers by risking their lives to shake a sign or large basket at us at traffic lights.

The 2 most dangerous intersections in Loudoun are also the exact locations for these frequent dangerous distractions and the number of accidents are influenced by the large number of peddlers and loiterers.

Don't expect Supervisors to automatically agree with me as most of them do not normally travel to Eastern Loudoun or they simply do not agree that "normal solicitors" should be restricted from jumping in front of your car as you travel 45 miles an hour to ask you for money. If you think there is nothing wrong with panhandlers collecting a portion of every alert drivers attention dawn to dusk, that is a minority opinion. But this board might agree with you. I hope I am wrong.

(Both of these items may have to go to a public hearing. I will keep you informed.)

>>>Board of Supervisors Meetings Next Week

On Monday March 16 Supervisors will present a Resolution of Commendation for Eagle Scout Matthew Kirby,and a Resolution of Recognition for Park View High School's "It's Academic" Team.

On Tuesday March 17 at 9:00 a.m. Public Input starts (Limited to One Hour)

The Board will consider a "Blight Abatement Program" and a resolution for Authorization to Hold a Public Hearing. If this passes, the board will need to hear support for this from the public at a future public hearing.

The board will also, later in the same meeting, consider a Summary of Committee Actions on the Potomac-Sterling Community Outreach Project. These are mostly actions for commitees to take up and a few budget items for the full board to consider during the March budget sessions.

>>>>Attorney General Debate March 10, 2009

Consider seeing Senator Ken Cuccinelli shine and demonstrate his leadership and conservative credentials.

The hallmark of conservative leadership is demonstrating proven legislative and political skills in sponsoring conservative issues and bringing the anti-tax debate, the pro-gun rights and the pro-life debate to life in the State House.

Mark your calendars for this only northern debate between the three candidates for the Republican Nomination for Attorney General: John Brownlee, Ken Cuccinelli and Dave Foster. Former Gov. Jim Gilmore will serve as the moderator.

The debate will begin at 7:30 sharp at Stone Bridge High School, 43100 Hay Road in Ashburn, VA 20147.

Thank you for letting me work for you in Sterling District and Loudoun County.

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