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Snow And Ice Hit Sterling

January 28, 2009

Loudoun County Schools were already planned to be closed Tuesday. The arrival of the snow closed the rest of the school system and any meetings including my own planned county board of supervisors meeting.

Wednesday brought ice and freezing rain. One committee meeting met. One committee meeting cancelled.  I drove around the Sterling district starting at six am, drove around all day in this area and am going out again to  make sure the roads are being shoveled or treated.

If you need someone to visit due to the snow or to bring you something due to ice, let me know by return email and give me your phone number too.

Sterling Americans went to the Inauguration and also the Right to Life March in Washington. Both times I also went to Washington, DC and  met with many hundreds of Sterling Americans. I also met thousands of other fellow Americans from all over. I distributed thousands of stickers and buttons promoting traditional marriage. I will alert you when a video of some of this is released.

 If you have a student at home or if you wish to collect a collectable button send me your name, mailing address and I will send you one to mark the occassion. Put in the subject line "free Inaugural Pin promoting traditional marriage".

>>>>Supervisor Delgaudio At National Press Club January 13, 2009

Two videos have just been posted from my January 13 news conference in the National Press Club. My  ten minute statement includes a summary of the effort to promote the retail grassroots reforms to combat crime and illegal aliens in Sterling utilizing local, state and federal resources which most of you are familiar already with.
The question and answer segment deals with some detail of costs to taxpayers at the local level.

The "Social Contract" had an 83 page report on the budgetary costs of the illegal alien population in America and they asked me to comment on that study and how there are costs in Loudoun County, Virginia.

This is not the first time I have used a national forum to promote Sterling's strengths and struggles. Last year I appeared on NPR radio and their TV News partner aired a segment dealing with my response to crime in Sterling.  For some new reporters, this news conference statement posted on youtube will help summarize some of the tactics being used to mobilize an anti-crime citizen movement in Sterling.

News videos for last year's coverage of Sterling's civic uprising is also posted on youtube (five Delgaudio Vs. Aliens videos).

Allow me to thank you all for the critical and essential cooperation secured from federal and regional sources due to many of you turning out for these meetings. I believe your turning out and the news coverage provided by major news outlets
last year and again this year has resulted in better living conditions for Sterling. Thank you.

Permission is granted in advance to quote or link to this video with my statements.

Link to New Videos Just Posted-- National Press Club

Immigration and Infrastructure Costs - Eugene Delgaudio (10 minute statement)

Immigration and Infrastructure - Eugene Delgaudio - Q & A


Last weeks Connection newspaper gave Sterling major coverage reporting Congressman Frank Wolf and others public support for Sterling. SEE

Sterling Holds Court on Crime
Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio (R-Sterling) hosts another crime meeting at Park View High School.

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