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Park View HS "Dracula"

February 21, 2009

Lots of good things going. Let me digress from politics or bad news.
>>>>>Once In A Lifetime View of Comet

This coming week only on one night look towards Saturn and you will see a comet.

Comet Lulin will be closest to Earth -- about 38 million miles, or 160 times farther than the moon -- on Feb. 24

It'll appear about 2 degrees south-southwest of Saturn before it disappears out into the dark abyss in mid-March.

Fox News Report,2933,497705,00.html

TODAY: Saturday

Tonight The Park View HS Drama Club will present "Dracula" tonight at 730 p.m. and five dollars will get you in the door.

This afternoon: Loudoun Symphony at Loudoun County HS 4 p.m. "Pirates and Princesses", their annual free concert.

The Sterling Playmakers present Puss In Boots at Sterling Middle School Friday Feb. 27, Saturdays, Feb. 28, March 7 and Sundays March 1 and 8.  Call 703-437-6117 or visit to buy a ticket for $7.


Garage Fire on Autumn Olive Way required a lot of fire companies to respond. But everybody was okay very early Friday morning.

I have a lot more to report to you and will do it later tonight or tomorrow Sunday.

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