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The Cavalry Has Arrived?

January 10, 2009

If the DEA visits Sterling Park again in the near future, you will NOT get a phone call or a nice mailed invite or an advance in the newspaper. Or an email.

Of course if they are here again on official business and without notice, I will ask for a post-action briefing.

But now is the time to learn, if you wish, how the DEA, and others: the Postal Inspectors, Fairfax County police, Town of Herndon police and Virginia State Troopers (yes, there are a dozen of them in daily operations in Sterling) operate.

Are you coming to my next community meeting on crime? Its Thursday, January 15, 2009 at Park View High School in Sterling, Va.from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. Tell me and I will tell Congressman Frank Wolf. Thank you.

The DEA and other federal agencies are here in Sterling due to my invitation and your demand for greater enforcement, so lets take full advantage of it.


The FBI and other agencies have staged raids in Sterling and Loudoun on the basis of information from local sources. The DEA routinely processes local information. The local sheriff is sometimes told about it during or after the fact. Rightly so and I support that decision on the part of federal authorities.

A lot of information is passed onto citizens. The FBI briefed citizens last October and I assure you it was worthwhile.

Criminals who operate in broad day light robberies in Sterling, Ashburn and all of Loudoun represent a fifty per cent increase in these kinds of robberies in the last year.

If we don't demand a crack down, there will be no crack down. All of Loudoun is threatened. Congressman Frank Wolf and task force of local, state and federal officials are responding to hundreds of Sterling citizens and we must continue to stay engaged.

Some news media outlets have posted notices on the January 15 meeting and I am grateful to the Connection, the Examiner and WTOP radio. But it is up to you and your voice to get there and to get others to the meeting.

>> WTOP:Loudoun neighbors mobilize
This is also the Examiner newspaper story.

>>> Connection: Community Meeting on Crime

>>>Examiner: Citizens, officials respond to Loudoun crime spike


The next time the DEA visits Sterling it will be without notice to get some criminals. You won't get an invite or a phone call ahead of time.

Some liberals do not want to even address these issues. They are silent or some Loudoun Liberals accuse zoning enforcement of violating the rights of "legal aliens" and other recent arrivals who park a dozen cars on their lawns, pack 30 people into one single family home or place iron bars over fire exits.

There are some loud voices who shout: we do not need a police station. There are some critics who blame me, your Sterling District correspondent, for the hordes of illegal aliens and other law breakers. They wish me to remain silent and not let anyone know about the crimes being committed.

Let me be the first to tell you that most citizens in Sterling and throughout the Washington area are delighted with news that we are working together and have a neighborhood watch in every neighborhood. We are going to solve our problem while other communities discover their crime problem too late.

This is the good news and why things are improving. We, together, take care of our community in a way that sets a standard for the rest of Washington, D.C. and the nation. Thank you.

100 citizens have said they are coming.

So, are you coming Thursday Jan. 15? Tell me and I will tell Congressman Frank Wolf you are coming. Thank you.

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