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Grinch In Sterling!

December 23, 2008

I just received an alert from a top community leader who has requested that all Sterling residents be notified immediately of a crime commited against them in order to warn all of us.

Permission is granted to forward this on ASAP.


quote "Dear Eugene

Took my kids out for one hour, MAYBE an hour and a half to go buy a Christmas tree and when we got home, found out that someone had ruined our Christmas. Someone broke into my house ransacked the rooms, took the cash I was going to deposit for our mortgage, and use to buy my four children Christmas presents. I have been working overtime and running four kids to and from their various sport practices, games and musical events. Today was the day I was going to get the presents. Not now, thanks to some crummy grinch.

Now the deputies and CSI are dusting for prints. Hopefully they will be able to get some and catch the thoughtless creep that stole our money, gifts and my childrens' piece of mind and comfort......

This happened between 2:30pm and 3:45pm today. The kind deputy also said there was a break in on Kennedy.

Please remind people to be careful, keep lights on and radios. I turned all mine off to try and save money and lower the electric bill. I don't know what I am going to do. Please call the neighborhood watches, let them know, tell them these creeps will stop at nothing and come right during the day and daylight... unquote

Out of respect to this community leader, I am immediately sending this alert out. I am in shock that this has happened to anyone at this time.

Please report any suspicious activity to the police non-emergency number 703-777-0445. If you see an actual break in dial 9ll of course. This "creep" or "creeps" may strike again.

Non-emergency Number 703-777-0445
>>> Christmas and Holiday Safety Tips(sent earlier and repeating)
The Sheriff's Office Crime Prevention Unit is reminding residents that festive and holiday seasons are also seasons to be wary of burglars, thieves, pickpockets, and other holiday grinches. Nothing can ruin the spirit faster than becoming the victim of a crime.

Remember, whether you are leaving the house to go shopping or out for an evening of parties, lock your doors and windows! Do not leave the drapes or curtains open with your presents in plain view. Presents displayed around your hall can be a pretty sight, but can also be quite tempting to burglars. It's better to scatter the gifts around the house, in closets or cupboards, where they can't be so easily seen.

If you are leaving town for the holidays, make sure your home appears occupied. Leave inside and outside lights on timers and have your neighbors pick up newspapers, mail, and take flyers off your door. Ask neighbors to park in your driveway. Put a timer on a talk radio station for several hours a day.

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