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Mission Accomplished

December 27, 2008

Sterling citizens reacted quickly. As I reported earlier to you, a robbery of a family on Harrison Road occurred during the day last Monday.

By Tuesday night, December 23, the family was visited by a contingent of neighbors with food, gifts and money for gift and food purchases for the children for Christmas.
The goal announced earlier of helping the single mother of 4 children in meeting the lost mortgage payment was met on Friday, December 26 at 5 p.m. with the deposit of 2200 dollars in donations.

Donors came from all over Sterling to make deposits to the fund at Wachovia. Donations came from 25 individuals and ranged from a low of $10, to a high of $400 from Gregory Heating Company. The Eastern Loudoun Basketball League gave 200 dollars, one anonymous donor gave $300. There was a $25 donation. Most individual donors requested to be anonymous. I call them a small army of Secret Santas.

Ironically, the Harrison Road Christmas Project was opened at Wachovia Bank by Gil Harrison, a financial specialist at Wachovia, Sterling branch. The name of the account was established prior to the visit to the bank.

Most of the money came from anonymous donors. The people who kicked off the effort include Betsy Faulkner, Mark Gunderman with the Good Sheperd Alliance, Rev. Charlie Grant and Steve Gregory. Gunderman and Grant are working daily in Sterling and Loudoun to help people. Gregory works with Rev. Grant and Faulkner volunteered as a neighbor to the victim-- all working to do their part

Then things started happening quickly. Like a tornado of love and conviction.

Neighbors of the Harrison Road family that was robbed pooled their resources and raised money to help pay for Christmas presents for the stolen gifts.

Together with Faukner, the "Harrison Road Christmas Project" was formed to help a mother of four children, two boys and two girls, ages 9 to 16. This family lost their mortgage payment in the robbery, their Christmas gift's money. Now, neighbors have restored the Christmas gifts and the Harrison Rd. Christmas Project fund has successfully raised the sum of $2200 for the mortgage.

>>>Single Mother Of 4 Issues thank you to community.

Saying thank you just doesn't come close to expressing my gratitude.

After my first call to the sheriff's office, I called neighbors and friends because I was concerned about them and their houses and thought the lousy grinch could be and was most likely prowling around still. One neighbor ran right over to give me a hug, make sure we were alright and then she also started making calls and warning the neighbors.

I emailed Eugene just to again warn the neighborhood and stop the tragedy from spreading,,,.

Well less than 24 hours later, I got some comforting calls. Letting me cry and vent a bit and telling me to have faith and not worry...... My children all were so touched that (neighbors and friends) would come visit us and offer us comfort and gifts.

A HUGE thank you to all the wonderful people who in one day donated these gifts and donations to help me and my family. I do not know who all to thank, I start with Betsy and Eugene who worked all Christmas week to make this happen. I am blown away by the generous donations.....Again there are many more who I wish to thank but do not know their names yet.

Thank you to the Sterling community. I am just trying to express how neighbors and generous friends have turned my life right side up. I am getting ready to run out and spread God's love-the true meaning of Christmas. God Bless you all.

(end, thank you letter from) Single Mother of 4, ages 9 to 16


We continue to respect the family's and children's privacy.

You, the Sterling Citizens who responded did not allow this disturbance of a robbery to disrupt the family and you, the Sterling community raised $2200.00 in a few days. Thank you to everybody working to help out this family during the Christmas season.

It was a tough time with everybody busy, it was the worst of times, but it was the best of times to ask the Sterling community for help. This is the best of Sterling and is truly a Godly and spiritually blessing time for all of us to be part of it.

One of our neighbors is knocked down and Sterling responded.

Our job as Sterling Americans is to pull together. And as always, we will get it done. Thank you.

Regarding the 2nd home on Kennedy Road, nearby, that was also burglarized. I have called neighbors and others about that crime and am waiting for a return call and will keep you all informed if I hear anything.

I have not heard from them at this point.

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