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Happy Veterans Day

November 11, 2008

>>>Happy veterans Day

Please thank a veteran for their service. Thank you for serving. Thank you for flying the flag today and every day.

>>>ground breaking big success

Members of the Loudoun County Sheriff's Office, a state police officers, auxiliary officers, Six Loudoun Board of Supervisors, Loudoun School Board member and superintendent and 25 Sterling residents were on hand Thursday for a groundbreaking ceremony for the planned Loudoun County Sheriff's Office Eastern Loudoun Station.

The station will be the first county owned stand alone Loudoun Sheriff's station and will be located between Briar Patch Park and Rolling Ridge Elementary School on East Frederick Drive.

The 18-thousand-square-foot facility is expected to provide substantial public safety services to the community, reduce travel time to Sheriff's Office facilities in Leesburg, VA and expand the Sheriff's Community Policing Program. "Once fully staffed the station will offer area residents 24-hour service and reduce travel time for deputies, keeping them on the streets in the community they patrol", said Loudoun County Sheriff Steve Simpson.

>>>Election day 2008

A lot of new voters came out to the polls on election day. Some were so new that they did not know where a polling place was. One person asked if he could vote on the sample ballot. Another asked me "where is Sterling Boulevard". Most voters were energetic and enthusiastic about their voting. 70 percent voted "no" on the meals tax. And 54 per cent voted for Frank Wolf for Congress in Sterling. Wolf won 4 of five precincts.
>>>Obama Inauguration plans
No it is not too early since this will be the first time for some Sterling Residents. January will come sooner than you think. Besides, the media will talk about it every day for the next 2 months anyway. They won't tell you the following.

The swearing in of the new president is a big event with gridlock in every direction. This one promises to be even bigger. I am getting calls for how to obtain tickets from Sterling voters. Tickets for the swearing in are distributed to the members of Congress, the Senate, the current Administration, the new administration and are not sold (in theory). If you obtain a ticket, I recommend getting there very early about 4 hours minimum prior to the actual time of the swearing in. Regarding the parade route, there are "paid" seats in the bleachers from the Obama Inaugural Committee. And there are public areas between the bleachers. You do not need a ticket for the public areas. If you plan on going, please get there a minimum of 4 hours prior to the actual swearing in. Basically, plan on walking a long distance in cold weather and standing and waiting.

Don't take your car. (I have attended many Inaugural ceremonies and parades since 1980.)

Crime Report

On 11/07/08 about 8 p.m. in Walmart, Sterling, 2017 hrs.

Indecent Liberties/Exposure: Jose Gabriel Avila-Galvez, 35, of Sterling, was charged with taking indecent liberties and exposure after he exposed himself to a 12-year-old Ashburn female in the Wal-Mart store. Avila-Galvez was apprehended and it was learned he had an active detainer from ICE. He is being held at the Loudoun County Adult Detention Center without bond.

>>> this is not a joke.

On 10/25/08 at about 9 p.m. at Sterling Blvd./En Ramp at Route 28 Sterling

Concealed Weapon: A deputy observed a vehicle parked on the shoulder of the off ramp from Sterling Boulevard to Route 28. A cross bow was located inside the vehicle. It was determined the men were attempting to hunt deer in the area. Both subjects, Ronal W. Lopez Fuentes, 36, and Garcia G. Hedyis-Haler, 19, of Herndon, were charged with Attempt to Conceal a Weapon, hunting after hours and hunting without a license.


On 11/01/08 at about 8 pm. in Ashburn; Domestic/ICE Detainer: Deputies responded to a residence for a report of a domestic assault. Guillermo A. Chicas, 34, of Ashburn, VA, was charged with assault and batter. It was learned the Mr. Chicas a previously deported felon. He is being held on an ICE detainer and is to be turned over to federal authorities for deportation proceedings.

On 10/29/08 at about 10:45 p.m. at route 7/Potomac View Rd. Sterling Hit and Run/DUI/Pursuit: Loudoun Sheriff's Deputies arrested Augusto Cisneros-Hernandez, 33, of Herndon, VA, after a hit and run crash in which he allegedly attempted to flee the scene. The suspect allegedly made a lane change striking another vehicle. The subject was charged with DUI, Felony Eluding, and Speed to Elude. He remains held at the Loudoun County Adult Detention.

Yesterday 11/10/08 about 8:45 p.m. at night near Atlantic Blvd./Nokes Blvd. in Sterling:
Suspicious Person/Police Impersonator: Complainant reported being pulled over by an unknown Ford Crown Victoria with flashing red and blue lights. A suspect exited the car and was described as a White male, over 6' tall, in his early to mid-thirties. The suspect asked for the victim's drivers license and questioned him before letting him leave the scene. There is no further suspect information. There have been no similar cases.

The Loudoun County Sheriff's Office has launched an on-line survey to determine the citizen's attitudes toward the overall agencies performance. Loudoun County residents are invited to participate in the Internet survey from November 10th through December 1st.

Participants will be asked a range of questions regarding current attitudes and opinions of the overall agency performance, overall competency of agency employees, deputy attitudes and behavior towards citizens, safety and security concerns, and any recommendations and suggestions for improvements. The information gathered from the survey is for informational purposes only and will remain confidential. Participation of the survey requires less than ten minutes.

If you would like to participate in the survey go to and click on Citizen Survey 2008.


for the actual survey

>>>>>>Financial planning: tax increases coming

Last year the previous Board of Supervisors gave you the largest tax increase rate in the history of Loudoun County.

And Tim Kaine continued the trend of increasing state taxes.

Senator Mark Warner-elect is a big tax increase zealot who with the help of liberal Republicans in the Virginia Senate, increased taxes by $1.4 billion one year.

I will vote no on tax increases. My forecast is "high tax storm coming in 2009" from the direction of state, county and federal directions. Liberals claim they have "no" choice but to spend.


"Will all of you ANTI-TAX people tell us where to cut (SIC)" says liberal Jim Burton who's district voted for John McCain last week.

For 8 years I have frequently targeted the following for reductions:
(brief description followed by amount saved by eliminating or reforming)

Library $12 million

Parks and Recreation $12 million

School Lunch for Rich People's children $1 million

Performing Arts Subsidies for Rich People $2 million

Large Public Signs Promoting Wine and Horses $2 million

New 2009 Hybrid Cars tax free for rich people $3 million

New Lear Jets for Rich Executives $16 million

Eliminate Tax Exemption for non-profit Howard Hughes with $10B $3 million

Tax Credits for $1Billion a year Orbital $4 million

Transfer Animal Adoption to private sector $500,000

Efficiencies in Bus Pick ups of children in Rural and Eastern Loudoun
$2 million

Renting Out School Facilities to Adult Colleges at night $2 million

Selling Loudoun County Land unused for ten to 20 years $10 million

Not buying land for one year $20 million

Allowing Advertising or promotion revenue for school sports stadiums
$2 million

Restricting travel for all employees $250,000

Eliminating Pay for Supervisors $360,000

Eliminating Staff for Supervisors and Chairman $900,000

Eliminating all donations to all non-government groups for one year $4 million

Eliminating tax exemption for small properties for "farming" where no farming exists $2 million.


These are just some of the "radical" suggestions and actual motions I have made.

I have many more suggestions and some of you have written into the board several times. Keep writing and keep making suggestions. I don't mind repeating your suggestions or passing on new ones.

There will have to be reductions in spending. Most of the current group of elected officials at every level know this and have started proposing a discussion about reductions.

You know there is hope when 9 supervisors vote "no" to an exemption for a horse museum in Middleburg, Va. and a one year moratorium on all proposed tax exemptions. I said it was time for such a moratorium. How about a REVERSAL of all previous tax exemptions?
(Churches recieve exemptions from the federal and state authorities and are exempt by law).

So let the suggestions begin. I have hope that some of them are adopted. Usually most of my suggestions are 8 no and one yes. But each year we must try.

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