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Green Arrow At Church Rd.

November 25, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving to one and all. I know some of you fly the American Flag every day and also on Veterans Day, which was a few days ago. Please keep flying the flags along with the Christmas and Holiday decorations.

Look for some members of the Armed Services coming home for the holidays during November and December. Buy a serviceman/woman a cup of coffee or some hospitality and thank them for their service.

There is a lot to be thankful for this year. Progess is being made and every week there is some solid show of support for Sterling's current need for urgent attention by the county, state and federal government.

In January I plan for a community update on county, state and federal law enforcement efforts to be held Thursday, January 15 at Park View High School. (I had announced Wednesday January 14 but the BOS had to schedule a meeting that night.)


The entire U.S.A. is outraged about corporate executives flying into Washington to ask for a federal bailout for the auto industry. Here in Loudoun, corporate executives have been recieving $16 million in COUNTY subsidies and the county board of supervisors will not reduce that one penny.

That's right. Only in Loudoun County, Virginia, USA are corporate executives treated with taxpayer money by elected officials who refuse to touch the policy of not taxing lear jets, private planes, brand new aircraft and corporate helicopters owned and operated by multi-billion dollar companies without outrage by the news media.

It is NOT exactly the same thing when out of touch executives fly into Congress asking for billions and, on the other hand, here in Leesburg millionaires receive $16 million in tax subsidies for jet aircraft and propeller planes of all kinds. It is actually much worse here in Loudoun. For example, the big auto executives are not asking YOU to pay for their corporate jets YET.

But they sure would be welcomed by a majority of supervisors here in Loudoun. I have no doubt about that. And that would be one way for the entire auto industry to get bailout at county expense.


Everyone is happy with the wonderful dedicated green arrow at the intersection of Church Road and Sterling Blvd. For years we have been told by VDOT it would come only if "warranted" by a traffic study. That time came and VDOT installed the light. Sterling citizens are estactic and celebrating the new traffic light and some

This is a great gift right in time for Thanksgiving.


Existing Conditions include on Frederick Road and Sugarland Road to Church Road and Sterling Blvd.

o Double yellow center pavement markings with no marked left or right turn lane configuration.

o One westbound travel lanes and one eastbound travel lane.

o On street parking in locations throughout the location.

Work and construction crews have already graded and put in new surface for the entire stretch and will complete the resurfacing in the next few days.

The goal with the upgrading of this stretch of heavily traveled road is as follows:

o Eastbound and westbound left turn lanes marked and include left turn arrows.

o Crosswalks added to cross Lincoln Ave and Belfort St with new handicap ramps.

o Two homes will lose on street parking directly in front of their property on Church Rd and parking will be available farther to the east on Church Rd and on Belfort Ave.

o Lincoln Ave will have separate left and right turn lanes and there will be no on street parking in the turn lanes.

Traffic flow will be improved, signage will be upgraded and safety will be greatly improved. You will be able to get around faster and safer.


Break ins into automobiles have increased so lock your cars and remove valuables from your cars. Try to keep your car in a lighted or watched area. Do not respond to emails from "United Parcel", "Treasury Dept.", "Federal Bureau of Investigation" or "Internal Revenue Service" or a dozen major banks that you KNOW you are not banking at. These are some of the current problems on the rise during the holiday season.


(Repeat of earlier message)
Ashley Dill, 17, was reported missing on Thursday and has returned home Saturday 10 p.m. Thank you for all the prayers.


Christ the Redeemer and Sterling United Methodist churches of Sterling witnessed 700 families and over 100 workers distributing food and coats on Saturday. Thank you to all the families who came and to all the volunteers.

>>> Christmas and Holiday Safety Tips

The Sheriff's Office Crime Prevention Unit is reminding residents that festive and holiday seasons are also seasons to be wary of burglars, thieves, pickpockets, and other holiday grinches. Nothing can ruin the spirit faster than becoming the victim of a crime.

Remember, whether you are leaving the house to go shopping or out for an evening of parties, lock your doors and windows! Do not leave the drapes or curtains open with your presents in plain view. Presents displayed around your hall can be a pretty sight, but can also be quite tempting to burglars. It's better to scatter the gifts around the house, in closets or cupboards, where they can't be so easily seen.

If you are leaving town for the holidays, make sure your home appears occupied. Leave inside and outside lights on timers and have your neighbors pick up newspapers, mail, and take flyers off your door. Ask neighbors to park in your driveway. Put a timer on a talk radio station for several hours a day.

After the holidays, do not put out empty boxes advertising your new purchases (flat screen televisions, etc.). Break them down and put them in the trash cans or in garbage bags. Better still, take them to a recycling bin.

When your shopping, use the trunk of your car to keep your packages out of sight. Keep your car locked at all times. Be sure to make several trips to your car to deposit packages in the trunk. Don't allow yourself to become so burdened down with packages that you become a tempting target. When walking through parking lots, be sure that you are aware of your surroundings.

Just by using a little planning and some good old common sense, most holiday crimes can be avoided.


Sterling citizens are demanding that illegal alien criminals be apprehended and deported. I responded to the number one demand of Sterling citizens following four community meetings earlier this year in the Spring. It had been my long held position but the community outcry pushed me to demand action from all segments of government. Last wednesday afternoon at 4:15 p.m. Sherrif Steve Simpson revealed for the first time the tremendous jump in alien criminals being apprehended and deported to the Public Safety Committee. I hailed the work and thanked the Sheriff and the deputies.

Last year 60 illegal alien criminals were handed over to ICE. From January 2008 to November 19, 113 suspectged illegal immigrants were turned over to ICE through November 19. And 33 suspected illegal immigrants are currently held locally on ICE detainers for a total of 144 apprehensions this year. That's a 240 per cent increase over last year.


A rash of thefts from vehicles has the Loudoun County Sheriff's Office reminding residents to lock their vehicles and remove items such as GPS units, MP3 players and wallets. So far this year the Sheriff's Office has investigated 736 larcenies from vehicles. A 32% increase during the same time period the previous year.


A Loudoun County Grand Jury indicted a West Virginia man Monday in connection with the 2001 homicide of Patrick B. Hornbaker. The victim was shot to death in his home on Charles Town Pike (Route 9) near the West Virginia state line.

Robert E. Roy, 44, of Hedgesville, WV, is charged with capital murder, robbery, burglary and use of a firearm during the commission of a felony. Roy is currently being held at the Mount Olive Correctional Center in West Virginia on unrelated burglary and robbery charges.

Hornbaker, who was 32-years-old at the time of his murder, was found in his Purcellville home along the 34500 block of Route 9 around 4:22 p.m. on May 21, 2001. He was suffering from a fatal gunshot wound.

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