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Sterlingfest Saturday

October 9, 2008

Congressman Frank Wolf came Monday night and appeared with me, Chairman York, Commissioner Helena Syska, Delegate Tom Rust, Sheriff Simpson and School board member Warren Guerin. Wolf said "NO ONE SHOULD LIVE IN FEAR."

Wolf outlined a number of new ideas for cracking down on crime and Congressman Wolf will be at Sterlingfest this Saturday.

Regarding traffic stops all over STerling, they are now every other day and at different hours of the day and night. I get daily questions about them. Please thank the deputies for the work they are doing. They are using many different tactics. Tonight I watched them walk up and down the street checking cars stopped in each direction. They moved to another location in Sterling after an hour.

They are making arrests, they are stoping speeders and they in many neighborhoods.


You absolutely positively must attend Sterlingfest, Saturday, October 11, I will be there and you must be there. It is mandatory for all Sterling citizens to celebrate the new trees, the news that the burned down playground AND gazebo will be rebuilt, the stalker turned himself in,

A NEW Sheriff's substation and PEPES RESTRAUANT, scene of several incidents, IS CLOSED.

Plenty to celebrate. And sign up for the upcoming meetings.

The event has many sponsors and starts with the Knights of Columbus at 10 a.m with their parade assembling at Park View High School at 9 AM and marching down Sterling Boulevard at 10 a.m.

The SterlingFest starts downtown at 10 a.m. but really kicks in after the parade and usually goes to 3 p.m. I always wear my orange hat.


There are upcoming meetings you can sign up for at Supervisor Delgaudio's table.

There are neighborhood watch tables operated by deputies.

There are auxilary deputy representatives to explain that project and there will be a zoning enforcement table operated by my staff also.

One supervisor sneered that Sterling citizens who volunteered publicly will not follow through on their public show of support. So call someone now to volunteer for one of these: neighborhood watch, auxilary, or zoning enforcment.


The Sterling Playmakers and loud band music will be dominating the entire event of course. The Sterling Playmakers makes Sterling the center of the arts for the entire region.


When: Oct. 18 Saturday 2 to 4 p.m.

What: Neighborhood watch, auxiliary coordinator

Where: Sterling Community Center GYM

The Neighborhood watch coordinator will explain what it takes to form a watch and we will hear from several current groups working and also hear questions from citizens interested in forming a neighborhood watch. Our goal is a dozen functioning watches in Sterling.

Sterling has 100s of citizens actively enforcing the zoning laws. Zoning must be enforced and I will continue to fight for that. Neighborhood watches will be liaison with the deputies for crime fighting.

The Sheriff's Auxiliary coordinator explains what that volunteer unit does and how to make applications. I have met several auxiliaries working over the years and they make a difference. I hope you can help.

When: October 22 Wednesday 7 p.m. to 9

What: GRIT and Gang Unit

Where Sterling Community Center in the GYM

These two groups gives a in depth briefing on gang activity and how the county responds to the problem and can guide you on what to look for and how to respond in each case. Good introduction to responding to gang related crime.

>>> Ban Cars On Front Lawns Too.

Your emails are needed to to give your opinion at the upcoming Oct. 14 Public Hearing on your positions on banning large commercial vehicles parking in Sterling's residential areas and banning the parking of cars on front lawns.

That's Tuesday, Oct. 14th-- 6:30 PM Board of Supervisors Public Hearing - Board Room. Email messages are preferred but if you can, go to the public hearing to testify and give your opinion.

(permission granted to forward this on.)


At Sterlingfest This Saturday: When you see my overworked and underpaid staff Lauren, Kathy and Rachel please thank them. Donny, Hannah, Kristen and Rinn volunteer many long hours please thank them too. Helena Syska, Joe Budzinski and Susanne Volpe work in Leesburg for cookies and apple juice at long nightly meetings. Webmaster Jim HUber works day and night to keep our system running. They do not get the recognition as often as they should.

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