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3 Shot Wednesday Night

September 17, 2008


Sadly, I have another shooting to report. As I get information I will send to you. It is at the intersection NEAR E POPLAR AND BUCKINGHAM IN STERLING. There are 3 VICTIMS. There are sheriff's units on the scene now (Wednesday, 10:30 p.m.)


At yesterday's meeting I lamented the fact that there were shootings and a stabbing on Saturday night in Sterling and I asked the board to support me in a request to have the Sheriff come to a closed session meeting of the board at our next meeting and that the Public Safety Committee receive a full report at its next meeting on the leap in violent crime in Sterling.

The motion was discussed and passed. Some supervisors did not have the sense of urgency on the matter. One supervisor actually attempted to put off a closed door meeting. Another actually abstained.

After some discussion, seven supervisors (one abstain and one absent) ended up voting to urge a private and public briefing in order to get to the bottom of why Sterling is suffering from an increase in violent crime.

How many shootings, stabbings and other violent attacks have there been in Sterling in the past year? Too many and there has been a big increase. Most of the victims have been transient men and women in these boarding houses that the county seems to not be able to find.

I condemned these attacks on Hispanic residents on May 20 and again in other public interviews. Violent criminals who the authorities declare as engaging in "gang-related" crime are attacking this vulnerable group of people who live here.

This liberal board ignores the illegal alien problem and ignores the illegal alien criminal that is a fugitive from their home country's prison and has come here. They "welcome" illegal aliens along with the illegal alien who is a violent criminal.


Tonight I proposed to a meeting of the Public Safety Committee that we start the legal process to declare an abandoned home as "blight" in order to put the county in a legal position to force the owner to improve the house.


And I proposed at the board meeting and at tonight's Public Safety Committee meeting that the county figure out how it missed a dangerous flop house on North Argonne where 2 people were shot.


I sponsored a request that Loudoun County rebuild the gazebo burned down at the Sterling Community Center and Supervisors and county staff agreed unanimously and it was announced yesterday at the board meeting that money will be set aside immediately to rebuild the Sterling Gazebo.

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