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September 20, 2008

The past 7 to ten days Sterling has seen helicopters looking for stalkers (he has turned himself in), helicopters coming and taking injured people to Inova Loudoun and Inova Fairfax, and hundreds of deputies with flash lights going through yards, blocking off streets and seeking suspects to violent crimes.

I have faith in the sheriff and the supervisors to do what they think is best and respect them in their jobs.

I do not agree with the wrongful policies they put in place. And I will continue to report to you blunt reactions from citizens who regret and desire a reversal of these wrongful policies.

Many people in public service need to hear from you.

Please be respectful of the men and women who have taken an oath to serve our citizens, including the elected officials. Policy comes from true leadership and representative government. You are part of this and are critical to it all working and functioning.

>>>Meeting this morning 8 a.m. to noon on "document security"

Thieves steal from our garbage now a days. In response to citizen requests, Criminal Investigators and crime prevention specialists will be at the Countryside parkway pool parking lot 8 a.m to 12 noon today at 46020 Algonkian Parkway, Sterling to recycle old paper documents or to shred confidential files. If you can not make it there this morning, email Lt. Eric Prugh, or call 703-430-0715.

>>>Meeting Tuesday on crimes

I spoke to Sheriff Steve Simpson several times this week.

Simpson agreed to brief the board last Tuesday but the board was too busy or could not figure out how to do it "immediately". Your Sterling supervisor was questioned for "popping this on them" as if I was responsible for the current situation. ( WHAT?!)

Simpson will brief citizens on tactics and update us on any progress and and answer any other questions at a community meeting Tuesday September 23, 2008, in the Park View High School Auditorium.

What: Meeting on Crime Wave in Sterling

Who: Sheriff Simpson, Supervisor Delgaudio and several other Supervisors (Thank you)

Where: Park View High School

When: 6:30 P.M.. Tuesday, September 23


>>>Suspicious Incident last night

A white powdered substance at the Holiday Inn on Holiday Drive tested for Anthrax in one of three separate tests. The Holiday Inn hotel was evacuated and federal authorities were on the scene to investigate further.


Citizens salute this and appreciate this: There was a sobriety checkpoint in the Sterling neighborhood from 10 p.m. to 3 a.m. Friday night. Results will be sent to you. I have hailed these actions frequently in this newsletter. Thank you.

>>>>Meeting on Gangs in Eastern Loudoun

We will cover much of this Tuesday, but this is another briefing if you can not make it Tuesday. There will be Gang Awareness seminar Thursday, September 25 from 7:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. (one hour) at Seneca Ridge Middle School 98 Seneca Ridge Drive north of route 7 in the Sugarland Run area. The Gang Intelligence Unit (GIU) and Gang Response Intervention Team (GRIT) will talk.


As I have said, the county is making inspections but they can not find flop houses. In Herndon AND Prince William County they find the flophouses and close them down, but here they can not find any flophouses.

The flophouse problem is not as acute as it was before I proposed overcrowding laws. Slum landlords are now renting to 5 and ten people. There are no 25 to 50 people being packed into houses. But it is still clear to most observers that "boarding houses" are not single family houses. AND they flourish in Eastern Loudoun.

Would the county allow boarding houses in Middleburg or Waterford? No.

Apply that same standard here in Sterling. Now.


Later I will send you a "What Can Be Done" list of suggestions for you and fellow citizens.

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