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July 28, 2008

Aliens vs. Delgaudio, Top five minutes of Kojo with Photos Now a Youtube Video

And the 2nd video features 300 citizens who turned out July 22 a second time. It salutes the CITIZENS who are fighting for Sterling, for Loudoun and America.

Aliens vs. Delgaudio ep. 2

I have said all along this is a day to day battle and five supervisors stand with the illegal aliens.

And five supervisors want to restore quality of life to all of Loudoun. A majority wants Sterling preserved with zoning enforcment.

But a majority want to ignore (act like it does not exist) the illegal aliens flooding in from Prince William and Fairfax.

It will be hard to make progress with this liberal board but we must not let their reversing the progress we made deter us from our work.

We must not let the flip-floping of Jim Burton and Sally Kurtz deter us. Both Burton and Kurtz voted last year to defend against illegal aliens. Now they vote to ignore it. And we must not let the misrepresentation of Stephens Miller and Andrea McGimsey in their election campaigns deter us from our work.

A lot of work but many of you, and Sterling, is up to it. Loudoun is counting on you.

Supervisors came to Sterling and heard from speakers for 2 hours. Over 300 people filled the auditorium and cheered the many speakers who pleaded with the supervisors to not let Loudoun become a landing strip for hordes of illegal aliens.

Only Supervisor Stevens Miller bluntly responded, that night, that he refuses to consider this an "illegal alien" issue.

Never in the history of Loudoun has there been such an expose as widely covered. 300 Sterling citizens marched into the Park View High School auditorium united calling for a restoration of our values, of our community and of law and order.

Radio WTOP broadcast reports on the Sterling meeting all day Tuesday and Wednesday. Seven supervisors sat and listened and at the end gave their word publicly that they would do their best to restore and embrace a quality of life to Sterling and all of Loudoun.

I will be reporting to you the details over the next few weeks. There is a lot to report on as there was a TON of testimony and evidence presented. Elected officials all over the state and the nation are asking details and expressing concern.

Sadly, the next day, at an all day worksession, Supervisor Miller eliminated the word "Citizen" in a countywide priority to restore the quality of life and substituted the two words "Loudoun residents" clearly to include illegal aliens. The vote was five Supervisors (Kelly Burk, Jim Burton, Sally Kurtz, Andrea McGimsey, and Stevens Miller) and 4 supervisors opposed (Eugene Delgaudio, Scott York, Lori Waters, Susan Buckley).

I am sure you are as disappointed as I was and am.

Welcoming residents is ideal in a vacuum but with echos of 300 citizens turning out the night before still ringing in the ears, Supervisor Miller followed through on his antagonistic response of Tuesday night that someone has "hijacked the quality of life issue."

Miller condemned 300 citizens who are fighting to preserve historic family oriented Sterling as hijackers (sic).

I say No Sterling or Loudoun AMERICAN OR CITIZEN has hijacked the quality of life. It was illegal aliens who hijacked airplanes on 9-11. It was illegal aliens who migrate from Prince William and many countries illegally that cause the garbage to pile up and the hundreds of zoning, parking, health, zoning and violent criminal charges to pile up.

Our citizens testimony is just beginning. I promise to ensure that other Loudoun Citizens -- and residents -- hear the testimony.

To document the many actions of hundreds of citizens will take some weeks and there are many requests for more information coming from many Loudoun citizens, our neighbors and friends and family. To begin to answer many of these pressing questions, we are going on YOUTUBE, THE VIDEO WEBSITE.

Millions in the Washington, D.C. area have read, listened or watched our reports in the news media. Thank you to the many citizens who came foreward and gave testimony.

Two videos are now posted on Youtube that begin to chart the battle to preserve Sterling that began when 300 citizens turned out and demanded action in mid May at community meetings. Responding to these citizens I went on the Kojo show.

Aliens vs. Delgaudio, Top five minutes of Kojo with Photos Now a Youtube Video

>>>VIDEO NUMBER TWO (nicknamed The Sterling Tiger)

And the 2nd video features 300 citizens who turned out July 22 a second time. It salutes the CITIZENS who are fighting for Sterling, for Loudoun and America.

This is a salute to the many of you who came forward. This Salute to Sterling is a musical tribute to 300 citizens who have taken a stand. Turn the loudspeakers up. You deserve this Salute to Sterling. Click on and play now.

Aliens vs. Delgaudio ep. 2


"I must say that I am shocked, ashamed, and astonished by how small, closed minded, under the cover racist, judgmental, reactive (instead of proactive), and insensitive many of the sterling community members are", says liberal D. Cordova in a letter to "Eugene and staff"

>>>Frank Wolf Called Me Tonight. Wolf Is Concerned.

Last week, Rep. Frank Wolf joined more than 80 of his Republican colleagues in cosponsoring the American Energy Act, which folds a number of proposed energy measures into one legislative package.

Tonight Rep. Frank Wolf (R-10th) told me he was hosting a free forum to educate area residents about ticks and Lyme disease at the Loudoun County School Board office off the Dulles Greenway at 7 p.m., Tuesday, August 5.

Frank is worried, and I join him, that not enough people know about Lyme's disease. Earlier this year I worried about Supervisor Jim Burton as he fought off Lymes disease. He has been successful. But you must catch it early.

Dr. David Goodfriend, director of the Loudoun County Health Department; Dr. Jorge Arias, manager of the disease carrying insect program for the Fairfax County Health Department, and Dr. Samuel Shor, associate clinical professor, George Washington University Health Care Sciences, are scheduled to speak.



But it was NOT our citizen meeting in the news. It was Sterling's Young Republican Hispanic Leader Michael Monnory.

(Quote ) "Sí TV and Voto Latino (announced the winners of their) trendsetting initiative Crash the Parties on Tuesday July 22.

Si TV judges and sponsors chose Wendy Carillo and Michael Monrroy (OF STERLING) to represent Sí TV and Voto Latino at the national presidential conventions. Both attended an awards ceremony and received exclusive training at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. Hundreds of congressional staff and leaders honored Wendy and Michael in Washington on July 22.

All of Sterling and Loudoun pulled for Michael and we are excited for him and Sterling with his victory in this national race. Thank you to the news media in Loudoun that very generously promoted him as well. You-- all of us-- have clout!

This is the first time a resident of Sterling has achieved such national political prominence and it is especially critical to Sterling's community spirit now in its history that a young Hispanic Republican be selected to represent all Hispanic Republicans at the upcoming National Convention.

Sterling and Loudoun pulled for Michael Monnroy and this hometown support propelled him to victory.

Michael worked hard in High School as an honor student and worked hard to win this contest. All of Sterling and Loudoun is honored and Michael will do a great job for Si TV as their official representative to the Republican Convention.

Most of all Michael is a patriot and has worked hard for Sterling and our values. He, and Sterling, deserve this win!

>>>Free Movies At Regal
There are two free G or children friendly movies to decide from each Tuesday and Wednesday at 10 a.m. at the Regal Cinema. There were 2 theaters open today.

>>>>> EARN $120 As Election Officer

Any person registered to vote in Virginia who has the time and enjoys working with the public is eligible. Workers are required to be at the polls at 5 a.m. on Election Day and need to stay until the polls are closed and the ballots are counted, usually between 8:30 and 9 p.m. In addition, workers will need to attend one of several available training sessions during the month of October.

Election officers are paid $100 for their work on Election Day, plus $20 for the training session.

Section 24.2-118.1 of the Code of Virginia Code states that employers are required to provide time off for those who serve as election officers.

Those interested in serving as election officers can download an information packet with the forms that need to be completed by going to the website. Select "Voting" from the drop-down menu and then click on "Election Officers Needed." Prospective workers can also send e-mail to or leave a message on the Election Officer Hotline, 703-777-0548, extension 5.

Aliens vs. Delgaudio, Top five minutes of Kojo with Photos Now a Youtube Video


And the 2nd video features 300 citizens who turned out July 22 a second time. It salutes the CITIZENS who are fighting for Sterling, for Loudoun and America.

Aliens vs. Delgaudio ep. 2

Repeat of Previous E-Letter Report
Joe B came out of self imposed political retirement and wrote a 5,000 word report (sic). "There is something seriously wrong in your shop" says Joe B. to the Board of Supervisors (four weeks ago). I am not connecting the two incidents, but following Joe B's report, there have been 100s of comments posted and recorded.

Joe's Nova town hall "Blog" (and 4 other blogs that normally attack me!) posted this report along with photographs of large commercial trucks parked directly across from Joe B.'s house. Joe B. has written many times on this topic and has appeared a dozen times before the board of supervisors. His allegations that "government is destroying Sterling" are serious and I am taking the allegations seriously.

>>Donate by Credit Card To Friends of Delgaudio
The campaign has entered the electronic era and needs your credit card donation to keep it there.

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