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Gazebo Burned Down

August 5, 2008


It is unfortunate that the gazebo of the playground at the Sterling Community Center burned last night. A link to a set of photos posted by a private community leader is below. Some of you may remember this structure as the place where many concerts were held for the Sterling Foundation's Sterlingfest over the years. There was also an appearance by Cesar Caminero who led an excellent music show in support of the Discovery Park project.

The Sterling Foundation has expressed disappointment that this has happened.

The "Loudoun Extra" section of the Washington Post has a brief story. The Fire Marshall's office acknowledges the fire occurred and is investigating.

Link to photos of the Sterling Community Center Gazebo, Now Burned Down.

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The Washington DC region's top investigative reporter Armando Trull and Washington's senior political TV reporter Tom Sherwood converged on Sterling for extensive news coverage.

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NBC TV News (Chan. 4) and FOX TV News (Ch. 5) and top news teams continue their focus on Sterling District

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