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Ice Cream Vendor Arrested

July 4, 2008

Happy Independence Day 2008.

Last night, WUS TV News broadcast a detailed account of the lack of zoning enforcement in Sterling at 11 p.m. It was fair and balanced and concluded with another plug for our July 22nd board of supervisor meeting at Park View H.S.

This morning, I received a report of another problem the likes of which are still being sorted out by me, others and the authorities.


Please do not go any further in this report if you can not stand to hear a strange report about our community. This is not a good thing for a holiday but it is urgent and you need to be warned.

An ice cream vendor who drives an "ice cream" truck in the Briar Patch area and the Sugarland Run section of Sterling (both north and south sides of Route 7 in Sterling) has been going street to street selling ice cream and fireworks.


This ice cream vendor has been arrested on the crime of selling fireworks without a permit, operating without a sales permit, selling fireworks to minors and in unsafe conditions and selling fireworks that are not safe or approved by the fire marshall.


Two children over 2 nights, in both Sugarland Run and Sterling, have been hurt very seriously and required to be flown by helicopter to Inova Hospital for serious injuries from these "sparklers".

I received this report today. I am still getting details. Please be on the look out for these fireworks that were sold to children by an ice cream vendor. This is very strange and very tragic for the children.

The ice cream vendor has been stopped from selling bad and dangerous fireworks to children.

However we must be on the look out.

These sales may have taken place over a period of time. Children are children and we need to be on watch for these "fireworks" sold by this vendor in this community IN THE PAST FEW DAYS AND WEEKS.

OR, (NO REPORT OF THIS JUST A POSSIBILITY) There might be another (different) "ice cream vendor" who may attempt to sell these dangerous unapproved fireworks to children without adults being there.

Afterall, it is just an "ice cream truck".

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