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July 16, 2008

First, Staff reports all reported houses with long grass complaints have been cut. Let me know if you houses need to be reported for high grass. Thank you.


The Board passed my legislation, for a public hearing in October, to require Loudoun County to cut the grass on abandoned houses and then bill the owners with a lien on their property. One Supervisor, Sally Kurtz, attempted to exempt WEEDS from the bill but five supervisors voted to include WEEDS in unkempt lawns, three supers voted yes to try to exempt WEEDS.

The bill passed with out of control weeds and long grass included as illegal.From now on, Loudoun county will punish homeowners or institutions that allow grass over 12 inches high in Sterling. Thank you.

I will remind you in October for the public hearing. The weeds people may come out to exempt weeds AGAIN.


The county also voted 9 to zero to support allowing on-line and faxed complaints about overcrowding and also agreed to AUTOMATICALLY provide referals to the right people in the right departments for the hundreds of complaints filed by Sterling citizens for other issues like garbage on front lawns, building without permits, abandoned cars, large commercial trucks and heavy construction equipment in residential area.


>>>Voters to Decide on Meals Tax, Bonds

Loudoun County voters will be asked this fall to approve a tax on meals and beverages and about $112.6 million in construction bonds as reported today in the Washington Post and other papers.

The Board of Supervisors resolved Tuesday to put three bond questions on the November ballot to coincide with the presidential election. Voters will decide whether the county should borrow $82 million for a high school, $22 million for an elementary school and $8.5 million for a fire station in sparcely populated rural Loudoun.

The board also decided to put on the ballot a proposal to institute a countywide tax of up to 4 percent on prepared meals and beverages.

>>>83 Per Cent In Sterling Voted No in 1998.

In 1998, Sterling voters turned out and voted a whopping 83 per cent no to a proposed meals tax on hamburgers at McDonald's or Tacos at Taco Bell. I call it the BIG MAC TAX ATTACK.

I voted no to the proposed 2008 Meals Tax. The rate could be four per cent on each dollar or 20 cents on five dollars or 40 cents on $10. Over a year an average family would pay $500 extra to the county government.

I consider placing an item on the ballot for a tax increase as voting for a tax increase. Scott York and the board of supervisors voted yes to place the meals tax on the ballot. They claim they are giving you a choice. The board is giving you a tax incease.

Voters should be given a choice on reducing taxes. Now in order to stop this Meals tax increase on McDonalds, sandwiches, tacos, french fries, burittos, pizza, hot dogs, you have to go out to vote this November and vote "no".

>>>>>Community Day At Chic Filet Sugarland Crossing
This free event is from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.Thursday July 17, 2008
Manager eli will be the hostess, and there will be 10 other owner-operators from other stores will be there.

There will be pnc bank giveaways, free ids for the children, borders book store promotion, chick is providing facepainter AND a moonbounce, the Sterling fire department will be there and there will raffles, and five chick filet cows (a herd).

Don't forget Family night 6 to 8 p.m.Thursdays free ice cream cones with meals.

>>>Free Movies At Regal

There are two free G or children friendly movies to decide from each Tuesday and Wednesday at 10 a.m. at the Regal Cinema. There were 2 theaters open today.


There is a 6:15 p.m. July 22 meeting of the Board of Supervisors at Park View High School.

Staff will report on legislative, administrative and regulatory recommendations (some of which are being voted on by the board this Tuesday and by a Committee on Wendesday) , then board members will have comments or questions and then the public (THAT'S YOU) will comment.

Chairman York is ending the public comment period of 9 p.m. but I have announced I will stay as long as people want to talk or have questions for me in the meeting room. Thank you.

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