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Del Fundraiser Tonight

May 21, 2008


There is a get Stand With Me Reception TONIGHT,Wednesday, May 21 at 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. at the Pacific Restaurant at Cascades Parkway and Route 7. We have to start now due to the fact that a liberal majority can raise big cash quickly and will do anything to silence opposition. Stand with me and send them a message that you will not give up the one Sterling Supervisor you have.

>>>>Memorial Day Ceremonies

11 A.M. MONDAY MAY 26 at the Veterans Memorial. Join the veterans as we honor the many Americans in service to their country.


Little flags are re-installed to show utility right of ways and where the groupings of trees will be planted. Phase 1 is about to be installed. Phase 2 is now fully funded and plans for those additional trees are being followed up on. An application to fund Phase 3 and 4 has been submitted to funding authorities.


I am working regularly with volunteers from Sterling Foundation so my orange hat is off to Mauren Hein, Phase One and two Project chair  Anne Geiger new project chair for Phase 3 and 4 and Sterling Foundation head Kevin Chroninger
Board Chairman and the entire executive committee of Sterling Foundation who have worked years on this. Let's not forget major donors like B.F. SAUL who gave the original 20,000 dollar challenge grant, many other DONORS, and all the county staff that pushed this along.

>>>>Community Meetings Big Success

Over 200 Sterling Citizens have marched foreward to list their concerns about neighborhood revitilization, tall grass, overcrowded homes, abandoned cars and a dozen other quality of life issues. Four Board of Supervisors members attended both Park View High School meetings. Two proposals so far to come out of the meetings is for staff to prepare some recommendations and for there to be an immediate and timely response from the county that will address the top concerns.

Chairman York announced today that the board will meet to hear those recommendations in Sterling and to give the over 200 citizens the chance to respond to the recommendations at the same time that the board of supervisors hears the recommendations. I have encouraged and thanked Mr. York for his response to Sterling citizens crying out for help.

One specific proposal is to make low cost loans available to sherrif's deputies and teachers to buy up the foreclosed homes. I will support such legislation.

This public agreement following two historic gatherings, both at Park View High School (last Saturday May 3 and last Wednesday May 14) and the tremendous response to the formation of the Sterling District Citizens Council.

Thank you to you and your neighbors for coming out and making your voices heard. It is only because of our unity and our emphatic insistance on the upholding of our quality of life that we can make this start.

>>>>Sterling Park Community Survey online

Skip some questions to save time. Go straight to the problems and recommended solutions. More than 200 citizens attended 2 meetings, while 300 citizens filled out forms. Please add your voice today. Deadline is May 31. Thank you. See link



At the recent Tenth Congressional Distict Republican Convention -- Sterling Conservatives Dominated. Sixty Sterling District Republicans marched into the Langley High School convention and elected three new conservative State Central Committee: Joanne Chase, Kay Gunter and Howie Lind.

Conservatives returned David Ray, Patsy Drain and elected Keith Damon in the 11th District. Thank you to the 60 Sterling Republicans who gave up their Saturday.

The State Convention Is Next. Delegates : DO YOU NEED A RIDE? Or do you want someone to ride with you to save costs? Send me an email back "I want to be a passenger in a car or I want to get passengers for my car."

>>>>YOU WANT GOOD NEWS FOR STERLING? Vote for Michael On-Line
Some residents have asked the news media print good news about Sterling Park. Their demands are being met this week.

Headline: Student Competes for Chance to Attend Republican Convention
The Herndon Observer ran a story about Michael Monnroy. Here is the link in order to view the website version:

Here is the link if you would like to read the Loudoun Times Mirror article on Michael Monnroy

And the Loudoun Independent and Washington Post online are reporting his Sterling Park based Race.
Here is the link.


Please vote for Michael Monrroy in a tight on-line contest. I have voted for him MANY times.You can vote once a day. Please vote every day. Here is the link:

Michael Monrroy, age 18, of Sterling is a contestant in the CRASH THE PARTIES 08 national contest. He is a graduate of Park View HS and currently attends American University in Washington DC.   Sterling, please show your support for our own, and visit the following link in order to vote for him:

>>>>Memorial Day Ceremonies

11 A.M. MONDAY MAY 26 at the Veterans Memorial. Join the veterans as we honor the many Americans in service to their country.

>>>Seminar on Loudoun County Home Improvement Programs Set for June 10

Loudoun County's innovative home improvement programs will be the topic of a seminar scheduled for 6:30 p.m., Tuesday, June 10, 2008, at the Sterling Library, 120 Enterprise Street, Sterling.

Kelly Marrocco of the Loudoun County Department of Family Services will discuss the Loudoun County Home Improvement Program and the Eastern Loudoun Revitalization Program, which are designed to preserve and rehabilitate existing affordable housing.

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