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Ceremony 11 a.m. today

May 26, 2008

Happy Memorial Day

Event at 11 A.M. today at the Vet's Memorial at Holly and Sterling Blvd.

>>>>Trees look great on Sterling Blvd. Bushes and grasses next-- this week.

Tot Lot Vandals Strike-- We will rebuild.

>>>>Memorial Day Ceremonies TODAY

11 A.M. MONDAY MAY 26 at the Veterans Memorial. Join the veterans as we honor the many Americans in service to their country.


As some of you may know, our good friend and former Loudoun Republican Party Chairman Clements "Tom" Berezoski was taken to Inova Fairfax Hospital on Thursday and underwent emergency surgery for an aortic aneurism.  The surgery did not go well, and Tom is in very grave condition and on life support. Please pray for him and his family. Thank you.


>>>Statement from Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio (Sterling District)

Thank you to the Sterling volunteer fire department who responded quickly. The tot-lot vandals will not succeed. All of Sterling condemns this attack and we all resolve to re-build and fully restore Jamestown Fort at Discovery Park. I ask for anyone with information to call the Sherrif's dispatch so we can find the tot-lot vandals.

>>>Statement from Peter Kronenberg, co-president of Discovery Park Project, to members of his committee, Sunday May 25

(QUOTE, IN PART) Many of you have already heard about the fire that occurred at Discovery Park Friday night.

The destruction is both heartbreaking and sickening.  

Fortunately, the damage was confined to the Jamestown Fort, which means that it was not connected to the main part of the playground.........this is an insult to the many, many volunteers we had involved in building Discovery Park.  

Discovery Park is a source of pride to all who had any part in it and has become an essential part of the community, with thousands of people enjoying it since it's completion in October 2006.

We have every intention of fixing the damage.  It is still too soon to make definite plans, but we are working on it.  Tim Martino, the principal, is still waiting to get more information from the Sheriff's office and the Fire Marshall.  Eugene Delgaudio and I spent an hour yesterday surveying the damage.  He supported us greatly during the original planning and build and is obviously as outraged as we are over this........

As soon as things play out over the next few days, we will start making more definite plans.  We have some leftover supplies, but money will definitely be a concern.  We'll have to see,............, (END OF QUOTE)

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