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19% Tax Hike Approved

April 1, 2008

19% Jump In Property Tax Rate Approved!

I did the best I could. I proposed $120 million in reductions in wasteful spending night after night.

And then today I proposed the biggest savings. Some of my proposals were seconded and discussed but for the most part there was no second.

I got to present my case again on your behalf with a dozen proposals out of 50 separate proposals to eliminate $120 million in spending.

In the end the board voted 5 yes, 4 no to a $1.14 tax rate, a tax increase of 18 cents from 96 cents. The biggest tax rate hike in Loudoun history. One supervisor said they were voting no because they wanted a higher tax.

The no votes because the taxes were too high: Delgaudio, York, Waters.

The no vote due to "low rate" of 1.14, Buckley

The yes votes for the massive tax increase: Burke, Burton, Kurtz, Miller, McGimsey.

You should vote in two online polls (see below)


I also moved to eliminate $155 million planned for a massive new government center in downtown Leesburg. I feel that we can not afford to build a hugh government complex far away--12 miles--- from Eastern Loudoun where 60 per cent of the population is. I moved to eliminate $95 million in funds for an Advanced Tech Academy since we can not afford to build the regular schools we need right now. I got one vote-- mine-- to eliminate the government center. I got two votes to cut the Tech Academy.

Scott York and Lori Waters both tried to reduce the tax rate by adding undesignated reserve funds or uncounted proffer funds. Both were rejected.

That is your news for tonight. I am sorry that it turned out this way. I promise I did my best.

You can Vote On an Online Poll On the Tax Rate (POLL ONE)

Online Poll Leesburg Today

What's your view of the proposed $1.14 real estate tax rate?

Results are being recorded. As of 11:00 p.m. tonight voters who think the tax rate is "still way too high" were ahead with 47 percent of the vote. Please record your vote as soon as possible. Your vote will be added to the other votes.

Here are the questions and current results

The right decision right now (12 Votes, 7%)

Need higher rate to fund schools and government services (46 Votes, 27%)

Needs to go a little lower (31 Votes, 18%)

Still way too high (80 Votes, 47%)

You Can vote In ANOTHER POLL ALSO. (POLL TWO) Wash. Post

Here are the questions and the results so far the Washington Post Online Poll. Please vote in both polls.

No. The rate should be lower than $1.14. 70% 250 votes

Yes. A rate of $1.14 is about right. 16% 59 votes

No. The rate should be above $1.14. 13% 48 votes

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