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Citizens Protest Tax Increase

April 11, 2008


Sterling Boulevard Cleanup, Saturday, April 12, 9 a.m. to noon. Volunteers needed. Meet at Park View Recycling Center (400 W Laurel Ave.) to receive orange bags, safety vests, and instructions. Please bring gloves.

some comments from citizens

Some supervisors are telling the public that this is not such a big increase in the budget, or taxes. I say an 18 cent tax rate increase is the largest tax rate increase ever. The amount of increased taxes you pay will vary but your tax bill will go up. I voted no to the reckless spending.

Comments from the Public to the Board of Supervisors

Taxpayer Supports Tax Increase

As a taxpayer and parent living in your district I strongly support the 1.152 tax rate proposed. Any reduction will be devastating to the school system. says R. and P. D. of Potomac Falls --

Taxpayers Oppose Tax Increase

I think what is so upsetting about this fiscal fiasco is that there is no end in sight to the rising taxes - which further jeopardizes our property values. says K. G.

Please for the overall quality of life in the county adopt a lower rate. says RJS of Sterling

>>>"Amazed to Resistance to Delgaudio Cuts"

I am absolutely amazed at the resistance to Eugene Delgaudio's spending cuts.

On the brink of recession, with foreclosures spreading across the county, you refuse to give up piggish, wasteful, nonsensical spending that could provide needed relief to residents of this county who you were elected to serve.

says E.H.

I will.. pay over $8000 in property taxes in a down market--- my value went down 12% but the rate went up 24%... wow! says DS of Sterling

I urge you to consider the average homeowner ... Please consider a tax rate of $1.10. says C.E. of Sterling

We are so disappointed with the Board.says M and G. B.

(Mr. Burton)...The Library System (which is wonderful) needs to collect fines on overdue materials. says T.C.

>>>"Thank you Delgaudio"

We were expecting better. Most of you seemed genuinely concerned about the burden of a tax increase on homeowners, but only one really fought for a low rate. Thank you, Mr. Delgaudio! says RKB of Ashburn

>>> Amazed

I was amazed to learn that Loudoun County public libraries do not charge late fees for materials kept past their due date. Why in the world not????? says SP of S. Riding


I am taken back and totally outraged by the BOS decision to further burden Loudoun County residents with unpresidented tax increases says AR of Leeesburg

"EVERY SUPERVISOR should follow Delgaudio"

I agree with Supervisor Delgaudio with his motions during the BOS meeting which would have cut over $30 million off the budget.... if you would have agreed and voted for Supervisor Delgaudio's cuts, then the tax rate could have been lowered about 3 cents to $1.11 which would have been a much better compromise and would not have further affected the spoiled School Board's share. I think EVERY SUPERVISOR should follow Supervisor Delgaudio's lead in finding ways to cut frivolous and unnecessary spending out of the County budget. says CC of Round Hill


Unfortunately, the philosophy of tax and spend was alive and well..... Of course, it must also be said that it would have only taken one of the two long time members of the Board to change the 5-4 vote to a positive for the good people of Loudoun County, but it didn't happen.....the Honorable Stevens Miller, noted during the session yesterday that he couldn't wait to get home and read the emails from the "crazys"! Well, Mr. Miller, you can count me in that group! Lou Gros Louis

>>>>Delgaudio Fundraiser Wednesday May 21

I invite you to my "Decide To Stand" reception on Wednesday, May 21 at the Pacific Restaurant 46240 Potomac Run Plaza in Sterling, Virginia from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. This is a fundraiser so bring money to donate. The liberals are watching to see if I still have support in the community.

>>>>Traffic Improvements AT DMV and Post Office

As a result of a request from a citizen (former Supervisor Charlie Grant) and Supervisor Delgaudio, the Post office has installed Stop signs at their exits onto Free Court. After those were installed the facilities Manager at the Post Office agreed to also install "Do Not Enter" signs at their exits as well.

At my request, the manager at the DMV indicated she forwarded our request to her supervisor, who said that they would take care of stop and "Do Not Enter" signs.


County staff will be holding two community meetings on plans to revitalize older communities like Sterling. The first one is Saturday, May 3 at Park View High School from 1:00 to 4:00 p.m., with an open house from noon to 1:00 p.m. The second is Wednesday, May 14, again at Park View, from 6:00 to 9:00 p.m. with an open house from 5:00 to 6:00 p.m.

What are your priorities with improvements to schools, new sidewalks, resurfacing roads, trees, sheriff's substation, playgrounds, street lights, stoplights and crosswalks? Staff will take note and our Sterling District staff and volunteers will help out too.

The dreaded density packers and "redevelopment" crowd are lurking about and members of the Leesburg Establishment are pushing a new word "reinvestment" which is another word for "redevelopment". This would involve the bulldozing of neighborhoods "in the future not now" according to the spokesmen and elected elite. Make sure any survey you fill out includes a stated opposition to "redevelopment".


On Sterling Blvd. in total there will be 235 plantings, with a majority of those being Tuskegee Crapemyrtle, Kwanzan Cherry, Yoshino Cherry, Red Maple, Willow Oak, and Liberty Elm trees. This number also includes various other ornamental grasses, trees, and shrubs.

According to the contractor, Poole Landscaping of Frederick, MD, the work should take only six business days to complete. They estimate that this will occur by the end of April which is coming soon.

>>>>Sterling Playmakers Continue Their 2007-2008 Season

Tom Jones, Fridays & Saturdays April 4, 5, 11 &12 at 8:00 PM Sundays, April 6 & 13 at 2:00 PM, The Theatre at Sterling Middle School. Delgaudio Arts Advisory citizen appointee Emilie Pugh continues as Treasurer, so please donate $12 per person for each performance and attend often. (all monies go to Sterling Playmakers a non-profit group).

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