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$20,000,000 RIP OFF

March 15, 2008

Here are more details on what I wrote you earlier as promised.

>>>>Water Restrictions Lifted

County Administrator Lifts Mandatory Water Restrictions in Eastern Loudoun

Loudoun County Administrator Kirby M. Bowers Monday lifted the water shortage emergency and the mandatory water restrictions that had been imposed for customers of the Loudoun County Sanitation Authority (LCSA) in eastern Loudoun in October.

Bowers lifted the restrictions at the request of the LCSA, which also asked that the emergency be downgraded to a water shortage alert stage. There are no mandatory restrictions associated with the alert, but residents are asked to reduce water as much as possible. For more information click here.


Now that water restrictions have been lifted, trees will be planted on Sterling Boulevard in 30 days. The old trees from Holly Avenue up to route 7 were removed in order to make way for hundreds of new trees that can now be planted.

This is a momentous occassion for Sterling and the entire Loudoun region and will be watched by many thousands of Sterling Park residents and will immensely improve the appearance of Sterling. Thanks to the many donors and the Sterling Foundation that has worked on this for years.

Trees will be planted in the median strip of Sterling Boulevard in 30 days. And yes, I will work to raise money for the 2nd phase just as I worked to raise money for this first phase. Thank you.

>>>>>$20,000,000 In Tax Subsidies to Rich Corporations Uncovered.

In spite of staff and liberal resistance and public ridicule by the free spending liberals, I have discovered many millions in waste and attacked it.

I have uncovered waste totaling $20 million in direct corporate welfare payments by Loudoun County taxpayers to rich multi-billion dollar corporations. One industry gets $15 million in tax subsidies alone.

Aircraft at Dulles and Leesburg Airports get $15,914,751 in taxpayer support from you, the Loudoun Taxpayers.

Orbital and other Satellite Manufacturers get $1,004,649 in taxpayer subsidies (plans to double that in 2 years). The board is sponsoring a resolution saluting the Orbital corporation on Tuesday, but I will observe that no other multi-billion corporation gets a million plus from any county government in the USA like this.

(BREAKING HARD: I will reveal how many more millions in taxpayer funds are being wasted by Orbital and other companies based on a face to face report given to me Friday by dozens of angry taxpayers who I have known for years.)

Hybrid Car Owners get $2,117,588 in subsidies from you to buy their new cars. Average Hybrid car owners earn $100,000 per year.

That's $19,000,000 in subsidies that we can eliminate and add to reducing the budget without firing any county employees or hurting any poor people.

But wait there's millions more. Staff took weeks to produce this. But Wireless is too big and too new for them to estimate a single dollar!

Broad Band Wireless is a multi-billion dollar industry growing by tremendous leaps and bounds. Staff can not calculate how many millions they are getting in tax subsidies by Louodoun County taxpayers because "this year is the first year". What an outrage.

Please write the board The Board will vote on this Tuesday. Or very soon. Tell them you want all taxpayer subsidies to rich corporations and rich car buyers to end. Tell them to cut out $20 million from the "2007 Loudoun County Personal Property Tax Revenue Forgone Due to Lowered Rates". Thank you.

Remember we are battling uphill.

These figures above do not include the $3.5 million you pay in tax subsidies to the ten billion dollar mega corporation Howard Hughes Institute.

I can not get any Supervisor to vote to publicly support the removal of the multi-million dollar tax exemption for the $10 billion Howard Hughes Institute which makes you pay $3.5 million to cover for them.


I proposed that a assessment refund check for Transcontinental Realty Corp. for $153,000 not be sent at last Monday's meeting. The tenant had been presented as a bankrupt corporation which would mean a poor legal position. I researched it a little more and presented articles from newspapers from the past to the present discussing how the tenant, Orbital, had used the system to make BILLIONS. I wanted the board to reconsider the decision to send $153,000 and no one would second my motion for consideration. My motion to reconsider sending $153,000 of tax monies to a group of rich companies failed.


I am sponsoring a legislative action for the board to consider on Tuesday doing something about the dozens of street vendors and panhandlers at the most dangerous intersections. Deputies told me that they needed a new ordinance and several supervisors indicate to me they will support my efforts to restore some level of safety to the most dangerous insections.

Once the supervisors and staff are done with adapting an ordinance from Fairfax to Loudoun standards, then Loudoun will have a public hearing. I will ask you to express an opinion about ridding the worst corners of harassing beggers from out of the area.

>>>>>>Supervisor Delgaudio's Citizens Council Swings Into Action

In conjunction with the county, my Sterling District Citizens Council will help host the upcoming April planning meetings for the Sterling area.

This community outreach effort in the Sterling community will engage citizens in a public dialogue that captures their concerns, needs, and desires and gives them an opportunity to suggest creative solutions that can improve the quality of life within their neighborhoods.

We want gangs, panhandlers and beggers cleaned up. We want overcrowded houses stopped and unhealthy dumps of garbage and abandonded cars removed and heavy commercial trucks banned. Then the county can start on implementing some of the many plans presented many times at previous planning meetings in Sterling.

Property owners who want to preserve their property equity can put it all on the record in April. I will let you know the date and place when we work that out. It will be announced shortly.

For more information on the county response to Sterling's needs, click here.

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