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County Passes Pro-Active Zoning Enforcement

December 5, 2007

Snow has arrived in a light dusting. Schools are open but the roads are slippery and there is currently back ups on major roads out of Loudoun.

If you are heading into the city, it is gridlock due to accidents in the entire area. If you can delay your departure to pass up the rush hour and allow the tow trucks time to clear the roads, please do that.

Remember to clear all your windows as the Sheriff has warned all drivers to clear their windows.

A total of two inches of snow is predicted today.


As reported in some newspapers and online websites, the county has passed a pilot pro-active zoning enforcement measure to target two Sterling streets (Argonne and Williamsburg). I voted yes and thanked the board for this first measure.


I attempted to get the board of supervisors to respond to hundreds of written complaints and frequent requests for the "hot spot" (legal term) of Sterling District. I motioned to apply the entire proactive zoning enforcement to Sterling. I obtained a second from Mick Staton, but that was the high water mark.

I made the case that large commercial vehicles, sometimes five and six commercial vans at a house, overcrowded flophouses, bunk houses and apartment style dwellings in private homes, garbage piled up, abandoned cars, and blight of all kind needed proactive enforcement on EVERY STREET.

Jim Clem, Bruce Tulloch, Scott York, Jim Burton, Sally Kurty, Lori Waters, and Steve Snow ignored my pleas on your behalf (those of you who wrote, petitioned, complained or spoke in the past). My motion failed 2 yest, 7 no.

I will write again to tell you when the proactive enforcement will begin on Argonne and Williamsburg. You all have the option of filing written complaints on your respective streets. That enforcement is "re-active" and still an option. But if you have information about incidents on Argonne or Williamsburg this is the time to share it with the county.

Encourage the board to pass proactive enforcement for all of Sterling and not just two streets. One of the majority can motion to reconsider the whole topic at the December 18 meeting. I can not because my motion lost. That's the procedure.

Thank the board for passing proactive measures on two streets, Williamsburg and Argonne, as an historic beginning to recover Sterling from the forces of chaos and community destruction. The address for the current supervisors who serve until December 31, 2007 is

This destruction has already caused the decrease of over 100,000,000 (one hundred million) dollars in assessed value in one year according to the county assessor. And that was in a market where most districts had big increases and we are in a down market now.


There will be a swearing in of the new board on Dec. 22. As I get details, I will let you.

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